Questions to Ruslana

Between 30th November and 7th December 2007 the Official Fan Club offered its members the unique opportunity to ask Ruslana a question. Thank you to everyone who took part. Here are Ruslana's answers.

yusia_sumy, Ukraine

1. Ruslana, will you have a tour in Ukraine?

Ruslana: We are planning a tour and even more than one. We want to introduce the new album to you. Also we have another good idea. But we can't say anything in advance, because it may never come true. That’s why no exact dates can be given at this stage. Watch out for the advertising. Certainly, you will be informed.

2. How do you think, could you have achieved such success without the Eurovision victory?

Ruslana: The Eurovision victory as any other victory in this life means just a beginning of new challenges and victories. That’s why I would prefer the statement «open some new horizons» to «achieve success». And most important, the real success was long before Eurovision. It was at the time when I felt for the first time that I am not alone in my creative work and that I have my first fans!

3. Do you plan another explosion of «Wild dances»?

Ðóñëàíà: Wild Energy :-)

Tanushka, Ukraine

4. Are you planning to have a Ukrainian tour with the new album and which cities will it include?

Ruslana: See question No. 1.

5. What have Nina Matvienko told you after your victory with her song «Oy, letily diky gusy»?

Ruslana: I wasn’t acquainted with Nina Matvienko, when I sang the song. We got acquainted much later. During one of the concerts (As far as I recall it was at the Ivan Franko theatre in Kyiv), she came to me, embraced me very gently and said a lot of warm sincere words which had nothing to do with the song. I can’t remember what she said and I if I could I wouldn't tell you, because it was very personal… :-)

6. What do you think about Volodymyr Matvienko (chief of Prominvestbank) and the book about the bank party he gave you in 2004?

Ruslana: Frankly spoken I didn’t take the time to get acquainted with his book. The meeting with Volodymyr was very episodic. He gave me a present after the Eurovision victory and congratulated me warmly.

Christina, Moscow, Russia

7. Ruslana, what is your biggest dream?

Ruslana: You should never tell about your precious dreams aloud… if you want them to come true.

8. Have you met any of your fans from the Moscow fan-club during this year?

Ruslana: Yes, I remember… It was an extremely nice meeting with Polina (Nedved) and Tanya (Taina).

9. Can we arrange a meeting of the fan-club with you when you visit Moscow next time?

Ruslana: With great pleasure! When I will come to Moscow with a concert and I will have at least 2-3 hours of free time.

Doug, USA

10. You seem to have an extremely busy schedule, I was wondering if you have any plans for a North American tour in the future? If so would this include any concerts in the Midwest?

Ruslana: We are having plans to repeat the tour, like last year. But we want to prepare for it and raise interest not just within the Ukrainian Diaspora, but also amongst other American citizens. Regarding the Midwest, I can’t say anything – everything depends on the promoters.

11. You have your own style of music but do you ever plan changing that or mixing it up at all?

Ruslana: You’ll hear very interesting style synthesis in the new songs. And a lot of lyrics which everyone was longing for ;-)

12. With being so busy is there anything in your life that you regret not having time or even more time for?

Ruslana: Most of all my family and friends suffer from lack of my attention. And that is without doubt the unfortunate reverse side of the medal in my life.

Graham Forrester, UK

13. Please can you tell me whether you will be coming to the UK to perform.

Ruslana: Yes, we make plans about it in the context of the promo tour for the new album. It can be a dance pavilion of a club – everything depends on the promoters.

Elliot, United Kingdom

14. Do you plan a United Kingdom Tour?

Ruslana: In fact, we don’t have a Great Britain tour for now. But see question number 13 :-)

15. When will the Wild Energy book be released in English?

Ruslana: Thomas, the German agent of Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, works on it. Unfortunately he doesn’t give any exact date. We expect the book in the next year.

Wespe, Czech Republic

16. Do you plan a world concert tour for your new album? Will Prague be one of your stops?

Ruslana: We are planning a promo tour. Prague is definitely in it. Check the announcements and my official site.

17. Have you ever tried Czech beer? Did you enjoy it? :)

Ruslana: My father accustomed me to Czech beer long time ago, when I visited Czech Republic for the first time ;-)

alexandrubusa, Romania

18. Which songs from the new album will be released as singles?

Ruslana: There are some songs we plan to release as singles: Moon Of Dreams, New Energy Generation, Wild Energy, Silent Angel, The Girl That Rules. Everything depends on my recording company, my American management and the management of the recording companies in the different countries. The situation can change from country to country. Probably in the list of possible singles the tracks Not For Sale and Land Of Fire will appear.

Lusse, Sweden

19. What is your opinion about the «Dyakuyu Ruslana» song by Vasyl?

Ruslana: My reaction was no different from the reaction of most people :-) This is an unsurpassed hit!

Esther, Netherlands/Ireland

20. Who from the Netherlands would be your favourite nanny if you had kids ;-)?

Ruslana: Of course you, Esther :-) Without doubt :-) :) :)

gnick1, Ukraine

21. Do you like to watch movies and if yes, which movie do you like the best?

Ruslana: When having spare time, of course, I like watching movies. But not depending on the genre. They usually work as a sleeping pill for me, the most effective of all :-) Maybe it’s banal, but I like The Fifth Element, Mission Impossible 2, Chronicles of Riddick. Especially I like Gladiator by Ridley Scott.

22. The same about books? And what is your attitude towards Harry Potter :-)?

Ruslana: My favourite books of my childhood are "Konsuelo" by George Sand and "The Small Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I love Djachenko and Strugatski, but this is rather subjective. Regarding "Harry Potter" I am absolutely neutral. Well, and I am certainly much interested in professional literature.

23. Will you ever give a concert in Ternopil?

Ruslana: Will be. This year :-)

pero, Kharkiv, Ukraine

24. Dear Ruslana! It is pleasant that you have been the first who officially shown sincere attitude and help towards animal welfare issues among Ukranian stars. I would ask you wether you have any concrete plans to continue your activities for the welfare of animals?

Ruslana: Unfortunately because of my extreme tight schedule with my basic project I don't have any particular plans for this issue. My form of participation in this issue is mainly limited to a public statement and clear inner protest against cruel treatment of animals. Also I voice my support of projects and organizations which actively deal with these issues.

Guido, Belgium

25. Dear Ruslana, your father told you: When you are climbing a mountain and want to reach the top, never look down, always up. Yesterday I read you asked people of Ukraine to climb Hiverla at least once in their lives. So my questions: Did you climb Hiverla?

Ruslana: Not even once…

How many times?

Ruslana: If I new, I had answered it in the first question :-)

Did you climb higher mountains?

Ruslana: Yes. The Caucasus has impressed me incredibly!

Nike, Austria

26. Dear Ruslana, in 2001 American archaeologist Jeannine Davis-Kimball found skeletons of warrior women in the Carpathians. That means that amazons did exist. My question is: You grew up in L'viv in the Carpathians, so do the people there still tell legends about amazons? Have you been inspired by the amazons?

Ruslana: Actually, as you can see, there is something from the amazons in my image :-) You will learn about my attitude towards the amazons more in detail when the Ukrainian album will be released in 2008. Legends about the amazons are one thing, and the existence of them is something completely different.

Maria, Ukraine

27. With which animal do you associate yourself?

Ruslana: With many. Depending on time of the day, the season, the company and the mood.

28. What’s your favorite figure?

Ruslana: 24.

29. What is the most important for you in your life?

Ruslana: Belief.

Yaremchuk Taras, Ukraine

30. Do you have a lot of friends?

Ruslana: Friends can’t be too many. The more, the better.

31. Do you have a lot of friends among the stars?

Ruslana: Friendship does not depend on stars or not stars.

32. Do you have good relationships among your star-friends?

Ruslana: I try to have a good relationship with all of them.

MIXKULA, The Netherlands/Italy

33. I'm a fashion designer myself, and I study it in Italy, I would like to know if you had a passion for fashion, or if you just like to be comfortable, or fashionable and comfortable? (One day, I'll design you a fabulous dress for a red-carpet event ok? :P )

Ruslana: Even in daily life and in leisure clothes I like to stick to my style. Concerning modern ranges of fashion, they don't influence my style, because I create my own fashion. The future plans for the style-project "Wild Energy" include an exclusive range of clothes. Regarding a fine dress, that would be very pleasant for me. I'll wait. Thank you!

34. I like many different types of music from all over the world, have you ever considered teaming up with someone who has a completely different style than you? (Like Yulduz Usmanova from Uzbekistan did in South Africa)

Ruslana: My new album will include two duets with American artists, whose styles differ completely from mine. And it won’t be long before both are presented. I also plan duets in oriental and Balkan style. And for today I have an ancient Slavic and ethnic duet with Varvara and a very freedom-loving one with Lithuanian friends Linas and Simona.

35. If your fans agreed to do something for you, what would you like them to do?

Ruslana: I would like, that my fans pick up my inner feelings and the rhythm of my creativity and find their own Wild Energy. To tell the truth, this is the only thing that I wish both from them and for them.

AgataS, Ukraine

36. What bird is the most interesting for you?

Ruslana: Ostrich or kiwi :-)

37. Where would you like to place your child – in a sportive section or additional courses of maths?

Ruslana: This will depend first of all on the desire and abilities of the child.

38. Have you ever spent a night at a cemetery? If so, then what were your impressions?

Ruslana: I am not a fan of experiences like this. For adrenaline I get into completely other things.

Sandra, Spain

39. Would you like to act as a symphonic orchestra conductor outside Ukraine?

Ruslana: With pleasure! It would be fantastic! Performing as a conductor is something I miss very much.

40. You have been in a lot of places, countries, but is there a special place that you want to visit?

Ruslana: I would love to go to Nepal, New Zealand and Cape of Good Hope.

41. Which is the first song that you composed? At which age?

Ruslana: I wrote down the first melody in my 5th class, and the first song I wrote when in 7th class. Later when I studied at the Conservatory the poet Tereza Ugrin wrote lyrics for it and it turned into the song “Shumnyi Peron” (Noisy platform). In 1993 I won a prize with it at the "Chervona Ruta" festival.

Laura Rodríguez La Manna, Spain

42. How do you find the will and strength to go always ahead and cheerfully?

Ruslana: Energy of love :-)

Carla, Spain

43. We know that you are not only a good singer, you are a great person too, tell us, how you are able to attend all those events?

Ruslana: I am not much interested in "consumption of mass products", thus more time is left for different sorts of activities.

obw, Germany

44. Every artist has influences, and some of them were very clearly visible (and audible) in your past projects. (e.g. the story about «Pivnichna» and Led Zep's «Kashmir» is well known) But not all of them. So, when I listening to the beginning of «Oj letily dyki husy» I hear shades of Deep Purple, in particular the organ and percussion reminds me of «Child In Time». Acknowledged influence or figment of my imagination?

Ruslana: You are absolutely right. Respect.

45. Is there any other influence or musical citation in a song which has escaped the broad masses so far, for which now the time has come to be revealed?

Ruslana: “Borrowings” are not peculiar to me, me myself is a source, even a fountain of ideas, melodies, motives, etc. probably not I, as Ruslana, but as a locator which catches melodies of the Universe and broadcasts them in our celestial world :-) I like doing cover versions, but more I like to write myself. Concerning stylizations, I give vent to my tastes. And Zeppelin with Deep Purple are one of my favourites.

Wild Dances, Ukraine

46. What were the most interesting moments from your graduation party except for the torn tights?

Ruslana: There was also a story with very expensive shoes which my mother bought me especially for the graduation party and which I changed to gym shoes straight at the event. Although in the morning I came back home, wearing those shoes to my mother’s great delight. Afterwards I was wearing them for some two years – such long-lasting shoes they happened to be… According to the local L’viv tradition we also dug an empty bottle of champagne with funny notes and wishes on Vysoky Zamok (High Castle – the highest viewing point of L’viv) to dig it out some 10-20 years later …

47. What else can surprise you? I hope for a concrete answer. I know that you will say that the fan's support and love are the best presents for you, but mention please some things you like, though you have almost everything. Cactuses, flowers (unusual), mice, different leather bracelets etc. I have given you already. Thank you.

Ruslana: For me non-material gifts have the greatest value. If fans come up with something Wild in the good sense of this word :-), any action organized which leads to something socially useful or simply interesting... And the biggest gift and award for me is sincere love.

Cora, Germany

48. Although I like the song «Ìè áóäåì ïåðø³» very much, the video looks like a promotion and glorification of war, violence and weapons. I hope that there is a deeper, positive, Ruslana-worthy message behind it, which I havn't understood. Can you please explain?

Ruslana: This is not a promotion of war! No way! First of all there is an intro to the song, which takes the viewer into a context of war as counteraction to energy terrorism. Besides the song and the military video contain an underlying message, therefore they do not need to be perceived literally and especially not as promotion of violence and weapons. Fight against any terrorism should be rigid and uncompromising. Nothing can justify those, who deprive innocent and peaceful people from their right to live. The video is a computer game illustrating what is waiting for terrorists, who grasp peace objects and threaten peaceful life.

49. And how do song, video and message fit into the Wild Energy Project or is it a separate project just for the occasion of the Day of the Ukrainian Army?

Ruslana: The song and the video entered my project in connection with the energy crisis of the future and accordingly with the social phenomenon to fight it. And concerning the project of the Day of the Armed Forces, its preparation coincided and there were parallel shootings for my clip for the song "My Budemo Pershi" (We will be the First) / "New Energy Generation". The video which you saw was made especially for the military film. The clip will look absolutely differently. But military elements will be dominating. Our generation can be strong and dangerous to those who don't appreciate the value of a human life.

Yanya, Ukraine

50. This year I had a chance to win a trip to Poland owing to fan-club. In Wroclaw I presented to non-governmental organization the All-Ukrainian fan-club of Ruslana and actually, you. Polish people know Ruslana very well owing to Orange revolution more than Eurovision. They saw you on TV and miss you already. Is there any concert in Poland in your nearest plans? And what are your relationships with Poland?

Ruslana: I am pleased to hear about your success owing to the fan-club, Yanochka! :-) Ruslana's fan club, by the way, is not a registered organization. But nothing prevents you from changing this in the future. There are indeed plans for a concert in Poland. But first there will be a promo visit, during which I will present the new project, the single, the album (and then the show) to the Poles. And regarding the attitudes, they are mutually friendly, as it should be :-) Together with radio "Edinka" we have organized a very good concert for the European football championship "Euro 2012".