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Hey, dyki, would you like to see Ruslana as a footballer? Then check this exclusive photo gallery!

Battle Of Ukrainian Cities (Wipeout), Buenos Aires, Argentina, 9 - 21.02.10

Author: Olexandra Pendrakovska, shared with permission.

27.07.08 Exclusive photos: Ruslana and German rock star Peter Maffay at Ruslana's music school in L'viv, 1 March 2006

Tavria Games rehearsal, 03.05.08

Find exclusive wild photos from the Tavria Games rehearsal.

The best photos of Ruslana from 2004 to 2008, chosen by the singer herself

Exclusive photos of Ruslana at a private concert in Kyiv, April 2008

Original photos and artwork from the Amazonka album

You can use these photos for your own creativity

Moon of dreams making of photos

Exclusive photos from making Moon of Dreams videoclip.

Kyiv, Ukraine, December 2007

Exclusive rare photos!

Hamburg, Germany, 05./06.03.08

German Eurovision national selection, Hamburg, Germany, 5th and 6th March 2008. Photos of rehearsals, show and backstage.

Leipzig, Germany 16.04.07

During the international charity tour "Encounters Ė An Alliance for Children".

L'viv, Ukraine, 19.09.07

Ruslana live in Kyiv.

L'viv, Ukraine, 25.08.07

Rehearsal for the Independence Day concert in Líviv.

Kyiv, Ukraine, 04.03.06

Wild Energy photo session in Kyiv.

L'viv, Ukraine, 01.03.06

Ruslana rehearsing with the Zhyttya dancers at her dance school in L'viv.