Sandra from the Spanish fan club reports about their promotion activities

  • We are promoting Ruslana via MySpace and music forums. In music forums we are leaving information about Ruslana and the fan clubs, and on My Space, we are sending bulletins with information about the fan clubs.
  • We are sending some mails to music magazines asking for Ruslana, and sending artworks and information about the fan clubs.
  • Also, we are sending mails to music TV and music radio stations asking for Ruslana music and video clips. Some music radio stations answered that they only have "Wild Dances", but they played the song.
  • Another promotion that we are making is to promote Ruslana and the fan club on banknotes
  • And last, we have set up a "Christmas Street Team". We are distributing postcards with a Christmas wish and put them in mailboxes. These are the postcards: