Official National Ruslana Fan Clubs

Official National Ruslana Fan Clubs exist in the marked countries. Please click on the country to get to the site of the respective national fan club.



National Ruslana Fan Club News

On her webpage devoted to Ruslana, a fan AnnaWmCz has finished her amazing project called "Christmas with Ruslana" which contains a lot of interactive puzzles, wallpapers and more! >>

Another wild action in Poland! >>

Olena Soltysyak is promoting Ruslana on radio stations. >>

Join wild a competition on the Polish fan site and win the CD "Amazonka". All artworks will be posted also on this page of the International Fanclub site. Read more >>

Ruslana in Bulgaria for a new duet - 11.12.08 - 14.12.08 >>

Watch the excellent video of IvanovIvan inspired by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko's book "Wild Energy.Lana". >>

Wild activity in Poland! Our fan club and forum member Kozi is promoting Ruslana in a wild way! >>

Sandra, the president of the highly active fan club in Spain, as well as many other fans, are promoting Ruslana in various ways. See more >>

The Swedish fanclub site has been updated with photos! >>

Sandra from the Spanish fan club reports about their promotion activities >>

Promotion activities in Czech Republic >>