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31.01.09 A press conference, organised by “Nashe Radio” and the European Union, took place yesterday.

The topic of the day became the informational project “Europe in Ukrainian Hearts” aiming at bringing to light moments of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU around mutual educational and social projects.

Ruslana attended the conference as a special guest with a firm attitude towards the establishment of Ukraine at cultural and social level in Europe and the world. Ruslana’s experience as a singer and a social activist is undoubtedly an enormous contribution to the development of the country.

Ruslana: “I associate Europe with stability and high standards of Democracy. Projects like “Europe in Ukrainian Hearts” emphasize better sides of European life and safety. Today we are finding a perspective of taking a well-deserved place on the international scene. The Ukrainian nation has not only the right to do so, but also huge potential and capability.”