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22.01.09 Hey, wild! Have you ever felt like discussing the freshest news about Ruslana with other wild fans? We invite you to our wild and always active forum!

If you want to write a review, express an opinion or just comment on other members' comments about the new album "Wild Energy", you are always welcome here.

If you have regularly followed the news in our site, you probably know about all Ruslana's social activities. Her song "Not for Sale" became the anthem of the fight against human trafficking. You can share your ideas about how to prevent or how to have a larger part of our society aware of the horror of this modern slavery. We'll be glad to see you in the newly opened topic.

Did you know that Ruslana is actively leading a campaign against intellectual -piracy?

How often, when downloading music from the internet for no money, do we realise that we commit a crime and, unfortunately, rob the artists who we adore, and whose devoted fans we are? Do you agree or disagree? Please, visit the topic about internet-piracy.

And, of course, for the fans of chit-chat, we have an active Off-topic forum, containing many topics, not related to Ruslana and her activity.

Join us and have fun!