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17.01.09 Read an interview with Ruslana about the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV. Wild thanks to wild_olchyk for providing the text.

You can watch the orignal video, in Russian, on YouTube.

I am not a very good player so when the guys from GTA phoned me I didn't know enough about this game. They had phoned and said, „We want Ruslana to dub a character for "GTA" ". Due to the fact that we have very busy schedule we didn't pay much attention to this project. Later I sent that e-mail to my American managers. "Are you crazy?!" they asked me. (laughing) "It is the best project for promotion. Go to America and dub it". "Ok, guys!" we answered. Not bad fee was offered to me. All points of the agreement satisfied us. Now I think, it would have been better if we had taken some percentage and not the fee. (laughing) They sold so many copies this year that only 0,5 % is enough for all my life. We wanted to conduct negotiations with them but didn't want to risk. It is a very good creative project.

How much space was I given for work? The guys told me, "All working space is yours. You are Vladivostok radio DJ". I broadcast in three languages. Of course, the main part is in English. Sometimes there are phrases in Ukrainian and Russian and these phrases are exotic enough. I think I haven't had a more creative project during all my life. Even if had broadcast on my own website I wouldn't have ventured such hooliganism, creative hooliganism as I ventured in this game. One of the most harmless jokes is that all politicians are mercenary. I could buy this Vladivostok radio, renamed it into "Ruslana radio". All politicians would give me money for elections. I talked a lot about wild energy, drugs etc. I characterized Ukrainian Politics in a way I wanted to.

It was the first time when I understood why American products are so popular and successful. The reason is in their way of organization of working process. For example, when I arrived the first time for familiarization... The building where they create the game has several stores. It is located in the centre of New York. It is very inspiring. There are a lot of great boards on the way to the office. Their promotion is fantastic. When I came to them, they began showing me teasers. They had given me their version of the text and I had edited it. While we were recording even the sound producer got tiered. "An energy girl has come to us from Eastern Europe. In spite of the plot of our game being developed in Eastern Europe, we don't know everything about that part of the Earth", he said. (laughing)

I have to tickle them. I have a good practice in dubbing. I had dubbed advertisements before so I didn't have any problems with dubbing it. I was in very creative and emotional surroundings. It was very funny. They asked me to talk different nonsense. It had to be a parody of a radio and radio's DJs. We spent together about 18 hours nonstop. They asked me to swear in my native language. We agreed but didn't extravagate in it. It was really funny. The guy, who had created all the texts, had a table in the form of a coffin.

The process of creating the game was shown to me in details. It was good practice for me. When we learn how to do it like them, then we will have such ambitious projects. They work with me. They forced me to reveal the project. I thought it would be enough to watch several teasers. But they loaded me into the heart of the project. It was like to dub a film.

They gave me a list of singers and asked me whom of them I knew. They also asked about comments for everybody, to make intro. I had ventured a little irony about popular music.

I had taken to Kyiv the text I edited, on which there are tea splotches :-). When I showed this text to my Ukrainian managers they were shocked and said that we were going to be arrested for it. (laughing)

It will be very funny to listen to my speech after some time.