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20.12.06. Christmas competition results

Congratulations to the author of the best Christmas compositions/layouts Olya_Wild Dances!


06.12.06. Competition "Christmas composition"

On the Christmas Eve we offer you a competition. Read a Christmas fairy-tale below about Angel, who made CHRISTMAS COMPOSITION from the flashbacks of Christmas night. You can also make a layout (composition) from what can be found in the Angel's pockets, and send a photo of the work to us. Thus all the components offered are identical, but your unlimited fantasy will allow you to create the unique work of art from them. The authors of the brightest works will get souvenirs from Ruslana.

The results will be announced January, 20.

Christmas fairy-tale

Fine, prickly snow was covering a window. Yellow glasses of the houses hung in cold air. There was neither sky nor earth - all around was lost in a snow-storm. Somewhere a little Angel woke up on a soft, fluffy cloud. Christmas was on the eve.

Lights melted in the yellow windows of tiny wooden houses, as orange lollipops, hidden in the rice hills of snow. An angel put his palms to his face, and an icy window-pane thawed from the hot breath. A fire was flaming in a warm room, and it seemed, that his flaming melody sounded as golden bells. A fragile Angel, as a tender snowflake, was flying together with snow from one roof to another, collecting the elements of the CHRISTMAS COMPOSITION from what he saw in picturesque windows. On his return to the cloud, the little angel took the flashbacks of the Christmas fairy-tale from his linen pockets and made a fairy-tale layout out of them.

The elements of the composition:








Show flake





13.11.06. Halloween competition results

All these year Halloween competitors displayed such an ingenuity and fantasy in preparation of their characters and costumes, that it the first time in the history of the fan club competitions, that it became totally impossible to define a winner. Thus all the participants will receive prizes for the best costume and Lussekatt - for the best Halloween pumpkin! Thank you for participation!


16.10.06 Halloween (October, 31)! Let's Have Fun Together!

Are you ready to have a wild Halloween this year and take part in our competition? You will have the chance to show to the whole "wild community" your capability of using your imagination and have real fun!


Right after the event, that is starting from November 1 and the whole week after, your true photo reports (preferably with comments) about the wildest Halloween celebration ever will be accepted. No matter, if you're alone or with the friends, this night shouldn't pass ordinary and unnoticable for you and your neighbourhood. Surprise your relatives or mates, play a joke on your colleagues and finally arrange a grand masquerade! In other words, simply GO WILD!

All the participants without an exception will be awarded. The winners will receive stylish prizes. The results will be announced on November 7.

13.08.06 Vote for Ruslana

Vote for Ruslana's new single Wild Energy here. Thank you for your support!


Let's sum up the results of the St.Valentine's Day competition, as always - not an easy task! Thank you all for presenting us with magic opportunity to travel in a world of a fairy tale for a while, full of love, inspiration and good - for all of us not to forget that true love and romanticism does exist at any time!

All the works were so interesting in its own way that each of the participant will be certainly awarded.

We congratulate the winners: Dima Malyshev, Laura Rodrigues and Romana Vasiuk!!!

See all the pictures and read the short stories here:

All participants



06.02.06 St. Valentine's Day competition

On the eve of the St. Valentine's Day we offer you a romantic competition called "Love through time and space". pussy grinding videos This time you can reveal your drawing/painting skills. Your picture must depict our well-known loving couple Ruslana & Sasha in surroundings of any epoch, except for the present one (historical past, fantasy-past, future, an imaginary world). If you wish, you can add a short story about R&S's love to your imaginary life.

You are not limited in drawing/painting means (pencil, oil, computer programs - whatever). The results will be announced on February, 20. The most interesting works will be as usually awarded.

11.01.06 Results of the New Year's competition

Thank you all for participation in our New Year's competition! Ruslana was greatly impressed by the "wild toys" and your ingenuity! Authors of all the works will be awarded. Congratulations for the two winners - Lussekatt and Dima Malyshev who simply surpassed all expectations!




13.12.05 Take part in our competition on the best hand-made Christmas tree decoration in "wild" style.