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31.10.08 Happy Birthday, dear fan-club!!!

It seems a whole year has passed since Ruslana's Official Fanclub was launched. A year full of wild dances and energy, a year during which, from a certain point, we together followed the development of Ruslana's career, watched many concerts shared impressions and emotions.

While reading this, ask yourselves if you have ever experienced the overwhelming desire to show gratitude, to express all the positive emotions you've been given in two simple words "thank you!"?

This is what we, the fan-club coordinators, have been feeling since we took over the fan-site. This is what we are trying to show through the computer screen, this is what we are telling our dear friends, who are so far from us.

Thank you, everyone, who has been and is with us. Thank you for the best present you gave us- your friendship. If it wasn't for you, the fan-site wouldn't be half of what it is now.

Let us show all our visitors here a simple example: this is how our ideas are made available for all the three languages in the fan-site. Look at these countless translations the Ukrainian fans make for us.

Look where all wonderful artworks appear first.

Last, but not least, thank you, cora, for your never-ending support and, of course, for founding our Overground!:)

Yours, Nikoleta&wespe