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20.10.08 What do you think about Ruslana's new album? Let's share reviews. Express your opinion about each song in Ukrainian, Russian or English. We will post your text here, as well as in Your Texts section. This poll has no deadline. (We respect your view, but only texts containing no abusive language will be published.) See reviews of other fans:


1. Wild Energy. I prefered the single version, but this one is nice also... However, I believe the 2006 version or the Maffay version would be better as first track... 8/10

2.Moon of Dreams. I was never a fan of the song, but I must admit it fits perfectly into the album taken as a whole. So I put also 8/10

3. New Energy Generation. I remember when we found out the WE album tracklist one year ago already.. It was on a strange forum, where a guy made a review of the album. He wrote there: What a hopak! There is something from Wild Dances and that's wonderful..Now I completely agree with his words. I just love this song... 10/10

4. The girl that rules...Hey Nicky and you remember I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaager to hear TGTR Even now that I heard it I'm still eager to listen to it again and again... Ruslana and Missy you're are indeed gonna rock it twice!!! I m fan of this song and wait for the cliiiiiiip!!!! 10/10

5. I'll follow the night... No words...It's one of the best songs of the album, maybe even THE best...If WD was to sum up like modern influences inside traditionnal rythmes , WE is traditionnal influences in modern rythmes...and this song is the best example of it... 10/10

6.Silent Angel. I feel it as a hit...that's good Ruslana that you're doing a clip for the song...That's gonna boost your promo... I dont like it as much as other songs of the album, but it's the kind of music that could be very well taken nowadays by majority of people.. 9/10

7. Dancing in the Sky. Really nice song and potential hit!! 10/10

8.Heaven Never Makes us Fall... I love this song as well...Especially the part "She knows she has to be strong...." and the instrumental parts. HoweverI prefer the old title "Synthetic Girl". 9.5/10

9. Cry it Out... One can clearly feel emotions in this song and that's wonderful!! 10/10

10. Overground I prefer live versions with their nice "Welcome to the O....Welcome to the Overground..." but studio is nice too. It's also one of my favourite songs...9.75/10

11. Heart on fire. It's a nice song, and a nice remembering of the WDances project...It fits well into the album even if I prefer the old version...9/10

12. Energy of Love. I learned to love the song even if it's without Factory transitions, that I'm going to miss a lot... But even without them it's a song full of emotions and that's just wonderful! 9/10

Some remarks about the album as a whole:

- I miss the transitions that were in Amazonka!!!

- Drum'n'Dance and Not for Sale would make the album complete for me...

- The quality and arrangment of songs is way better than in Amazonka


L-E-I-L-A, Ukraine:

Wld nrgy?! ! Wld nrgy -

, , , ...


, , ... ,

, ... : "...When

there's no hope for better...And the truth doesn't matter...We will say

Let's cry it out!...", "...Why do we have to take that? Where do we want

to go now? I don't really know this, you can't really say! And I just keep

waking far away...."!!!

Wld nrgy - , , 㳿

, , !!!

!!! IJ ²!!!

, , , , !!!

, , ...

, , , !!! ,

!!! )))

huiwes, Netherlands:

After two years of waiting and hoping, finally Ruslana's English album Wild Energy is released. Wild Energy is recorded at the famous Hit Factory Studio in Miami. The album contains a strong mix of different musicstyles, vidoproduction and political/social commitment. Themes as freedom of thinking and being and the wish for Energy Independence and a healthier climate can be found in the words of the songs of Wild Energy.

Wild Energy contains a lot of different musicstyles and of course the significant great singing of Ruslana. It shows that Ruslana dares to go further then the concept of Wild Dances which have been so succesful. She has clearly grown in her singing and performance. This results in an innovative and complete Ruslana album.

The album contains some great songs like Wild Energy, Heaven never makes us fall, Dancing in the sky, Silent Angel and the fragile The energy of love.

And fortunately there are also some wild songs to be found. Especially I want to draw attention to Overground, New energy generation and Heart on Fire (the opening of Eurovision 2005).

Surprising are the 2 duets with Missy Elliot and T-Pain. I liked the combination Ruslana and Missy. The duet with T-Pain has already been very succesful in several countries in Eastern Europe

Wild Energy is a great new album of great singer that deserves to be in every music collection. So buy one!!!

Do you want the whole Wild Energy experience I can only advise to buy the excellent Amazonka-CD as well. The Ukranian versions give a new dimension in experiencing the songs. And lat but not least you also get some great powerful songs like Vohon Chi Lid and the anthem Not for sale which Ruslana initiated and performs for the new UN.GIFT campaign against human trafficking to which Ruslana is very closely connected.