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07.09.08 The next concert, in Brashov, Romania took place yesterday. You can watch a short preview from the concert on There Ruslana is saying: "Hi! I'm Ruslana and you're watching TVR, one of the best TV channels in the world!"

The concert was wonderful. Simply Wild Dances and Wild Energy together. At the end the crowd was scanding: Ruslana, Ruslana! What more can a Ruslana's fan wish?

The best moments:

Ruslana told the audience: To all the people watching this performance: We need to show that we have a lot of Wild Energy!

And at the end, when Ruslana included Arkan, which was not expected to be a part of the show, she, laughing, exclaimed: "My dancers will kill me!"

Ruslana sang:

1. Wild Energy

2. Welcome to the Overground

3. The Same Star

4. Heaven Never Makes Us Fall

5. Dance With The Wolves

6. New Energy Generation

7. Drum'n'Dance

8. Wild Dances (part 2)

9. Energy Of Love

10. Moon Of Dreams

11. Dancing In The Sky

12. Vohon Chi Lid

13. Silent Angel

14. Heart on Fire

15. Dyki Tanci

16. Kolomyika

17. Marichka

18. Wild Dances

19. Arkan