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18.08.08 In Zaporozhie Ruslana performed the last concert from her Ukrainian tour.

Yesterday Ruslana gave a press conference and was invited in several radio stations. Later that day she visited the well-known museum of weapons, where she had been many times before. The museumís founder gave Ruslana a small symbolic statue of an amazon.

Artists have a funny tradition for their last tour concertsĖ during the performance they usually create unexpected situations for one another. This time, first started ballet "Zhyttya", by changing dances and costumes in a wrong order. In return, Ruslana, unexpectedly, decided to sing Arkan. Zhyttya hadnít included "Arkan" in their rehearsals for a long time and the new members of the ballet didnít know it at all. Fans, audience and journalists said that they had never seen such a show in Zaporozhie.

The Ukrainian tour became a general rehearsal before Ruslanaís future tour around Europe.


Source: Ruslana's main site