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22.07.08 Ruslana performed at a big concert in Dneprodzerzhinsk. Apart from her bands from Russia and Moldova appeared.

The event took place in the city's central stadium. Ruslana was the last to perform and immediately afterwards there was a magnificent fireworks display. The 20,000 people in the stadium responded to Ruslana's show as if their favourite football team had won. The audience sang Wild Dances together with Ruslana, danced to the new Amazonka rhythms and was pleased to hear Ruslana's greetings and nice compliments about the citizens' hospitality and energy.

"It was an incredible energy charge. The audience charged me, and I, with new strength, gave them my energy in return", says Ruslana. "This contact was so strongly felt, that after the third song I couldn't stop myself and jumped off the stage on the ground, first on my own and later with all my ballet. I think it wasn't easy for the Zhyttya dancers to dance on the grass, but the audience enjoyed it".