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22.07.08 On the 18th of July Ruslana performed in Alchevsk, a region of Lugansk. She was the first to appear on stage and it was a pleasant surprise for her to feel the warm welcome and drive of the audience who danced and sang during the whole performance.

On the next day Ruslana sang at the Pechenizske pole festival in the Kharkiv region. She was joking with the audience and talked about the Amazons. In the middle of the performance somebody from the crowd threw a mobile phone on the stage. It started ringing immediately and when Ruslana picked it up, on the display "my love" appeared. The singer joyfully spoke with the phone’s owner and devoted the next ballad to him.

The concert ended with loud applauses and Ruslana's words: "May summer and Pechenizske pole never end!"

Ruslana: "This is the second ethnic festival after Trypilske kolo where I performed this summer. It was fantastic! Incredible nature, the audience welcomed me wildly. I wished there were more festivals like this everywhere."

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