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21.07.08 Have you ever experienced the wildest thing in your life - a Ruslana concert?

Your wild pictures with Ruslana's team and from her concerts

This section has been moved. For all future updates please follow this link. You can also easilly access it from "Your Wild Land" menu.

Have you got any pictures of you and some of Ruslana's dancers, her husband or anything else related to Ruslana, which doesn't fit in the section "Your Photo With Ruslana"? Send them to wespe@ss or nikoleta@ss and find them here. Thank you!

09.09.08 RuslanaTube, Odessa 01.08.08:

Andrew, Ukraine:

Ruslana, Zaoprozhie, 2008

29.08.08 Photos by Iv K, Kyiv, 24.08.08

28.08.08 Photos by wild_olchyk, August 24, Kyiv

27.08.08 Denis, Dasha and Volodya, Zaporozhie, 17.08.08

Dasha and Denis, Zaporozhie

Dasha and Denis, Dnipropetrovsk

22.08.08 Photos by Ria, Zaporozhie, 17.08.08

21.08.08 Photos by vit1, Simpferopol concert, 09.08.08

20.08.08 Photos by wild_olchyk, Dnipropetrovsk concert, 15.08.08.

18.08.08 Photos by Iv K, Simpferopol concert, 09.08.08

11.08.08 Photos by wild_olchyk, Kyiv, 10.08.08, autograph session within Garnier's action.

11.08.08 Photos by Wild Dances Kyiv, 10.08.08, autograph session within Garnier's action.

04.08.08 Photos by tatum, Odessa 01.08.08

03.08.08 Photos by FreeGD, Odessa 01.08.08

02.08.08 Next fan's photos are available, they're by Veselochka this time. Enjoy photos from Odessa 1.08.2008, press conference and concert

30.07.08 Find Kvitoslava's fan's photos from the Ivano-Frankivs'k concert of The Ukrainian tour "Amazonka" in the new section Your wild pictures with Ruslana's team and from her concerts: