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21.07.08 Dear fans, we are giving you a special opportunity to share your photos from fan club meetings you organised or you've been to, or simply photos with other Ruslana fans. Just share your wilderness with us!

Fan Meetings

This section has been moved. For all future updates please follow this link. You can also easilly access it from "Your Wild Land" menu.

Send your photos to nikoleta@ss or wespe@ss and show the world your great moments.

22.09.08 Zaporizhzhya fan club, Ukraine

28.08.08 Kyiv fan club, 24.08.08

26.08.08 tanya_kozariz, Ukraine

Simpferopol, 09.08.08

Dnepropetrovsk, 15-16.08.08

Zaporozhia, 17.08.08

21.08.08 makcsik, Ukraine

Odessa, press-conference

Before the concert

Dnipropetrovsk, autograph session

Zaporozhie, autograph session

21.08.08 Wild Tarik, Ukraine

20.08.08 Ruslana's fans in Dnipropetrovsk met her, gave her flowers and much more!

11.08.08 Members of the Kyiv fan club at the autograph session within Garnier's action, 10.08.08