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19.07.08 Ruslana in Mariupol The next concert of Ruslana's Amazonka tour across Ukraine took place in Mariupol, 17 July.

In order to be on time travelling from Belarus, where her last concert was, Ruslana had to change transport several times.

At a press conference she said that her last performance in Mariupol was already five years ago. She presented her anti-piracy initiative and announced that people could download her music, photos and videos on and After answering the journalists' questions and an autograph session she went to the studio of the Russian Radio Mariupol.

Tens of thousands of citizens and guests of the city gathered on the Square of Victory long before the show had started. Those who took part in Ruslana's anti-piracy campaign received tickets for the fan-zone closest to the stage. They only had to bring with them their licensed CD or buy it at a stall next to the stage.

The show, as always, was marked by a great contrast as is nature itself. Hot, energetic hits alternated with gentle ballads. As a present to all who were there Ruslana sang her well-known songs from Svitanok of the 90s to Wild Dances and Dance With the Wolves from 2004.

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