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18.07.08 Enjoy Ruslana's answer at the L'viv press conference, 12 July 2008 to one of the questions regarding never released tracks!

Will we have the possibility to hear those tracks that were removed from the Wild Energy album?

There are tracks that weren't included in any album and which you will hear during tonight's concert. However, they won't be included in any future album. There were tracks which were created between Wild Energy/Amazonka and Wild Dances. By concept, they are closer to Wild Dances and Amazonka is not a copy of Wild Dances. There are fantasy, philosophical and social messages in Amazonka. We were asked: don't you fear that it won't become a commercial album, because it's linked with ideas and books. But it was very interesting for us. This album helped us to affirmate that we are not affraid of experimenting. For us art is a free ocean. Those songs not included in albums, like remixes and remakes, you'll be able to simply download from my website.