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17.07.08 On Tuesday, 15 July, Ruslana sang in Belarus

On Tuesday, 15 July, Ruslana sang in Belarus on the main stage of the international festival “Slavyanskiy Bazar”. It was here where Ruslana’s career started its boom 12 years ago. This year Ruslana was the only singer to represent Ukraine before an audience of seven thousand.

Ruslana’s meetings with journalists and fans started at eleven in the morning and continued till late after midnight when she was still giving interviews. Those who were watching the festival became one of the first to see her new show.

“This is incredible. Almost 95% of the show were songs new to the audience, songs that had nothing to do with my previous style, says Ruslana, and the audience applauded and behaved as if they were their favourite hits. Even those, who organized the event, said that they didn't often see the entire hall dancing”.

Ruslana changed a thousand fantasy-costumes and images, sang songs from her new album and even an Ukrainian folk song which excited everybody.

Ruslana: “The hall looked like a big yellow-blue sea. Almost everyone had come with some Ukrainian symbol like a scarf or bandanna. I was amazed and pleased.”

“Wild Dances”, as always, evoked a storm of emotions. The culmination was Ruslana’s performance of “Dyki Husi”, which brought her a victory on “Slavyanskiy Bazar” in 1996 and the love of thousands devoted fans and friends.

You can see some photos here