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15.07.08 What fans said about the start of Ruslana’s Ukrainian tour in L'viv: “The concert amazed us not only by the songs and costumes, but also by strong emotionsl”

“To see how "live" drums create "live" rhythm on the stage, plus Ruslana’s explosive energy - this was really awesome!”

“It was great that there were hits from her earlier projects and that Ruslana doesn’t forget all good things she gave us before”

“You could dance at the concert or nostalgically go on a journey back to your childhood”

“This time Ruslana’s fans, who know and love her music, were on the first rows, they were Very Important Persons, and to be among them, it was enough to bring your Ruslana CD to the concert”

“It was nice that you could meet old and find new friends. Big thanks to Ruslana because the tour started exactly in Lviv. This city has its own incredible energy ”

“A show of quality. Mad energy. Brilliant ballet. All this did its job. And a new energy generation of Ruslana’s creativity is already coming. The tour started well and will be unforgettable”

All these are comments by fans about Ruslana’s first concert of her Ukraine tour.

Fans always give Ruslana some presents. This time they gave her a pillow on which there was a picture of Ruslana as an amazon, just like on the CD.

“They don’t stop amazing me. Always get the idea and develop it to incredible scale. I’m glad to see new people among them, to feel their love and support. I hope the concert expressed my gratitude to my fans for all they did for me.”

Sincerely Yours, Ruslana