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15.07.08 A spectacular Ruslana concert from her Amazonka tour took place on the 12th of July in her native city Lviv. At 12:00 h, Ukrainian time, she gave an online press conference. Journalists from all over Ukraine could ask their questions online.

The most important questions at the conference concerned Ruslana’s projects as well as the anti-piracy campaign which her Ukrainian tour is devoted to. Ruslana shared her impressions about her last visit to Miami and how she watched the sunrise from the ocean’s shore in her spare time between 5 and 8 o' clock in the morning. The singer announced a planned shooting of a new video clip in LA, the release of the future album “Wild Energy” in European countries, the contract with Warner and another very important thing: she plans to take her husband on a holiday - something which rarely ever happens in Ruslana's and Olexander's family.

At the concert fans could gain access to the fan zone very easily. All they had to do was to bring their licensed “Amazonka” CDs. Ruslana sang for two hours, changing many costumes and images. Apart from songs from her newest album, she performed “Wild Dances” which brought her the victory in 2004, as well as her very first hit “Svitanok”.

After the concert, Ruslana gave interviews and met her fans.

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