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19.06.08 Get Wild! Take Ruslana to the top! Read more

Vote at the Polish radios Bolesławiec and Bartoszyce, as well as at the Polish VIVA TV.

For the first, find Ruslana, click the BLUE PLUS and when the next page opens, the small brown box (vote).

For the second, find Ruslana, refresh, if the "click button" doesn't appear, then choose Ruslana and click the grey box at the bottom "Glosuj" (vote).

On Viva TV choose Net Charts, find Ruslana and then Golosuj (vote).

Vote for the WILDEST Ballet - ballet Zhyttya! Click "Голосование" in the upper right corner, then, when the other page opens, tick "Життя" and " Подтверждаю" under it.

At the same place you can vote for Ruslana( Руслана)! Find Руслана and click “Подтверждаю".

Vote at

Continue voting also at, and in the Romanian TOP 100 Singles Chart.