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29.05.08 To all wild fans!

Haven't you ever felt totally bored while being at school? Haven't you ever done anything wild, while you were desparately trying ro understand what your teacher was talking about?

If you have, or if you intended to, or if you have an idea how to make the boring classes and lectures wild, send us a photo or a drawing, or whatever you did that helped you not to lose your "wild-self" in the most monotonous and grey hours you've ever had.

D39, Romania:


From my Russian book. Translation of text under the guy listening to music: "Sasha is listening to his lovely (in English you would say "favourite") music."

A small example (not the wildest may be): wespecz, D39 and Nikoleta's.......notes during a lecture:

wespecz, Czech Republic:

D39, Romania:

Nikoleta, Bulgaria:

Have fun!