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14.05.08 Another opportunity for you to show your creativity!

Since the new online store on Ruslana's official website is now open, and Ruslana's team asked fans to share their ideas about it, we decided the following: everybody can provide ideas for different decorations, patterns and images (in the form of an artwork) which could be put on fans' stuff, for example, on T-shirts, bandanas, bracelets and whatever you can think of.

We will upload your ideas in the artwork section on the fansite as well as in the topic about the online store on our forum.

We do not guarantee that your ideas will be accepted and realized.

Send your work to:



Alex_Angel, Ukraine:


The plate is from ordinary flexible plastic with the pattern cut out in it. The pattern is inflicted tatu-gel which can be found at a sale. It is possible to inflict as from a plate so using one pattern his part and to create own pictures.

I have large collection of pattern already.

Wooden pen with a pattern "water"

A pen can be made out of different breeds of tree and consists of two parts. A pattern can inflicted by a chemical, electric, mechanical (screw-thread) method.