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28.04.08 Ruslana about audio piracy

On the 25th of April the Ukrainian press was flooded with articles announcing Ruslana's statement concerning audio piracy in general, as well as the existence of illegal copies of her own albums.

According to her, even the prosecutor's office and the president of Ukraine are aware of this enormous problem, but noone even tries to find a solution. There are two choices, says Ruslana, either to reconcile, or to leave the country. She chooses another way - to fight.

On this level the singer will resort to the court and also try to make piracy pointless by allowing her fans to freely download her songs in high quality from her official website This will happen in May, says Ruslana.

The main reason, which made her declare war on piracy, was the fact that even her new album "Amazonka" is already available for download on the internet. On the black market one could also find a CD containing all of Ruslana's ever released songs.