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08.03.08 The amazon is coming! Ruslana's new fantasy album

Ruslana's new fantasy album Amazonka

Ruslana's new Ukrainian fantasy album Amazonka is released in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Here you can mail order Amazonka >>

The album was recorded at the Hit Factory studio, Miami.

Executive producer: Trevor Fletcher (director of the Hit Factory studio).

Producers: Ruslana, Egoworks Music, USA (Roman Bokarjov and Mikhail Music Mike Mshenskij), Oleksandr Ksenofontov.

Track list:

1. (Wild Energy)

2. ³ (Moon of Dreams)

3. (New Energy Generation)

4. (I follow the Night)

5. () (Heaven never makes us Fall)

6. ( ...)

7. ,

8. (Silent Angel)

9. (Not for Sale)

10. (The Energy of Love)

Running time: 40:00

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