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29.09.10 The selection round of the annual nomination The Most Beautiful People of Ukraine by VIVA magazine has started! Please sign in / register on the VIVA site and choose Ruslana's photo there. You can vote everyday! Go wild! Thanks!

You'll find the voting here. If you don't know the Russian language, here are detailed instructions what to do:


You need to have an account there. If you don't have one, follow these instructions:

  • Go to main site
  • Click "Регистрация" on the top left corner of the site
  • "Электронная почта" = e-mail, "Никнейм" = nickname, "Пароль" = password, "Подтверждение пароля" = password again, "Введите символы с картинки" = rewrite a text fromt he picture. Then click "Зарегистрироваться" and your registration is done.


  • Go to this website. You must be logged in to do that. You'll find Ruslana on the 1st column, 21st row. Click her picture.
  • The photo will pop up and under it will be a vote link. Click on it. You must be logged in to do that.

Logging in

You can vote every day. When voting another day, you don't need to register again.

  • Just login by going on the Viva's main site and click on "Вход" on the top left corner of the webpage.
  • Type in your e-mail and password
  • Go to the voting webpage and vote as described above. Thank you for your support!

Verifying that your vote was successful

You don't need to do this at all, but if you wish, you can click the photo of Ruslana again after voting (stay logged in). If the text "Вы уже голосовали сегодня в этом конкурсе" is displayed instead of the voting link, your vote was successful.