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09.12.09 The newspaper "Komsomolskaya pravda" has published the awaited interview with Ruslana!

Several facts which Ruslana mentioned in the interview:

  • Year 2010 will bring 2 - 3 new singles
  • Ruslana is going to prepare a new show and then an album
  • She will try to create the new album with less help from American producers
  • A new duet is planned (but she can't mention names or tittles before February 2010
  • After 10 years she imagines herself as a great mother, wife and daughter, but she won't leave the stage.
  • Get ready for an initiative called "Christmas with Ukraine in the Hearts"
  • Together with the German Goverment she prepares a video devoted to human anti-trafficking campaign
  • Negotiations with Brititish famous starts, concerning duet songs, devoted to this problem, are being led.
  • Ruslana has discussed the issue of human trafficking with Hillary Clinton. She also received a letter, suggesting cooperation from the Dominican Republic
  • Ruslana said that there would be concerts in Ukraine, other European countries and Canada within Not For Sale project
  • Read the whole interview (in Russian) on the website of "Komsomolskaya pravda"