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02.10.09 Read a part of the most interesting answers Ruslana gives for "Comfort+"

Good technology and high quality sound are related not only to pleasure for the ear, but also to health.

Iím planning to shoot a video to my song ďThe Girl That RulesĒ in the near future.

The telephone and the computer are my saviors. My phone is something like another hand. I spend half of my life flying and I always carry my notebook with me.There is a mini studio in my computer as well as a special programme and I manage to do a lot of work during flights. As for the phone, this is an excellent means for dealing with different issues from a distance.

Funny stories with technology happen often at home. Itís something usual to see me, running at home, looking for my phone.

My mobile, computer and Wall-e robot is the technology I canít live without.

Iím a very good housewife and enjoy cooking, cleaning. But this happens rarely as I work 24h a day. Thatís why we have a maid.

Source: Comfort+