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23.09.09 Ruslana conquered Asia at the Asia Song Festival, September 19th

More than 46, 000 people gathered at the three-hour event, which was broadcast by 20 Asian TV channels. Ruslana was invited as a special guest and received two awards. One of them, “The Special of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea for providing and enjoyment to many people through pop music”, was personally given to her by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The second award is the award of the most prestige music event in Asia- “The Best Artist Award of The 6th Asia Song Festival 2009.”

From all songs, the ones best liked by the audience were”Wild Dances” and “Play Musician”. We were very excited before we went on stage. About how would the Korean, Japan, Chinese, Asian audience in general, accept our music, we’re like from a different world to them. Ukraine is as much distant and unknown to them, as is Indonesia or Malaysia to us. Not only did the way the 40 thousand audience accepted us inspire us, but it made us think of another visit in Korea and the Far East , says Ruslana, this is why I put much effort in strengthening and enrichment of the Ukrainian-Korean friendship. Our country has become a bridge to a mutual understanding and rapprochement between East Europe and East Asia.

This was Ruslana’s second visit to Korea this year. In the end of the festival Ruslana accepted an invitation to participate in the next, 7th, “Asiavision”, and is now planning to record a single with popular Korean singers in the beginning of 2010.

Korea charmed me, this is a very beautiful country with beautiful and good people. You can’t see such an open mentality everywhere. And the blending between Korea’s technological development and its ancient traditions urges you to come again and again.