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13.09.09 The evening of 12.09.09 was devoted to the event "Ukraine In Heart". It was a very wild and awesome day for all Ruslana fans who came to Kyiv.

The fans didn't forget to visit their favourite café "Pusata Hata". They also met Ruslana duriing her soundcheck and gave her a very original present - a hedgehog which quills need to be watered to grow. Ruslana should pour water on the hedgehog instead of pouring it on her fans from the stage as she's used to doing. All meetings were full of jokes and excellent mood.

The event took place on Maydan Nezalezhnosti square. Ruslana performed "The Same Star", "Kolomyika" and "Wild Dances". Learn more about "Ukraine in Our Hearts" from the previous news on the fan-site.