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14.08.09 Ruslana Ukrainian Fan Club don’t betray their traditions. The Carpatians. Summer-2009. How it was!

"Is there as beautiful a land as Ukraine of the Carpathians? It is surrounded by high mountains, green woods, tasty grapes grow all over the places, and pure as diamond rivers run across the mountains…”

Vasyl Pachovskiy.

It has already been the fourth time when Ruslanas fans from different cities of Ukraine got to the Carpathians, where they relax and forget about every day problems. It happened this year, too. The marvellous town Volovets, Zakarpattya, was to be explored. All the fans came here on 20th July. The first day was rather calm: exploring the town, house and yard. Then…

As you know, the fans are overcharged with energy. On the next day the fan-club went to the waterfall “Shypit”. On their way to the waterfall the fans sang many hits from “Myt’ Vesny” to “Wild Energy”. Sometimes they sang also Ukrainian folk songs and even The Anthem of Ukraine. The reaction towards the “wild” fans was quite positive and emotional everywhere. The fan-club had a long photo session near Shypit. Marvellous nature was just everywhere!

In the evening when the boys cooked supper, the girls, barefoot, performed a two- hour concert with Ruslana's songs and dances on the grass near the house. It was just improvisation.

On the third day, on 22nd July, the fan-club decided to visit the city of Mukachevo and a well-known castle-“Palanok”. The fan-club went there by train and all the way to the city they sang and danced. Everything planned was realized. That day ended with the incredible performance of two girls- Galya and Lyuba.

The fourth day was really amazing. The fans decided to explore Temnatyk mountain (1343 meters above a see level). At first, the fan-club lost their way and they found themselves deep in the woods, but with all their optimism and energy the fan-club climbed on top of that unreachable mountain.

On the 24-th of July friendly team of the fans visited Lake Synevir (898 meters above the sea level), called also“The sea eye” of the Carpathians. The nature of the lake is really marvellous! It is unforgettable! On the way back to Volovets, after a lucky day and the usual photo session, the fan-club couldn't stop singing and dancing as they were full of the Carpathian energy and freedom.

On Saturday, 25th July, the fan-club went to Uzhgorod, but some of the fans had time to visit not only Uzhgorod but city Chop as well. The train had to stay in Chop for 20 minutes, so the girls left the train, went to take some photos and went to the store. The interval of the train stop was reduced. That’s why the girls had to go to Uzhgorod by bus. Trains don’t wait. :) Nevertheless everybody arrived in Uzhgorod.

On Sunday, in Volovets, the festival “Bright pearls of Verhovyna” took place. Ruslana’s fan-club couldn't miss it! During the festival people could taste the local cuisine, sing and dance. Ivan took part in the show “If you want, you can sing”, which will be broadcast on the local television very soon.

On 27th July the holiday in the Carpathians came to its end. Having got up, the fan-club felt strange: they were happy and at the same time they felt sad as it was the last day in the Carpathians. All in all, everybody can say “The holiday was perfect for 100% percent! It was incredible and unforgettable!”