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09.06.09 Ruslana took part in a Ukrainian comedy show

On 8th June Ruslana took part in the entertaining TV show "Vecherniy 95 Kvartal" where participants are expected not only to sing or dance well, but also to demonstrate a good sense of humour and make jokes especially about themselves.

Ruslana performed "Vohon Chy Lid"("Fire or Ice") without her ballet dancing on the stage. Therefore, she soon decided to leave the stage and sing among the audience. After the performance Ruslana was surpised by fans, who had decorated her car with baloons and congratulated the star once again on her birthday.

Apart from Ruslana, stars like Ani Lorak, Svetlana Loboda, Tina Karol and Anastasiya Prihodko also perfomed at the event.