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12.05.09 Current poll statistics, based on results in the poll section of the Ruslana Official International Fan Club site

The very first poll shows that our favourite costume is the black leather costume from "Dance With the Wolves" video clip, leading with 19%, only 1% ahead of the "Pirate dress"-costume.

In the duel "Moon of Dreams" vs "The Girl That Rules", the duet with Missy Elliot has been leading since the very beginning, resulting in only 30% for "Moon of Dreams" for the time being.

In the poll about a favourite album cover "Wild Energy" is leading, "Amazonka" and "Wild Dances" sharing the 2nd place.

Long-term fans: most voters have been fans for 5-6 years and the really long-term fans (more than 6 years) are following with 28%.

Most people have bought 5 albums, followed by those who have, so far, bought 6.

The most liked Ruslana's photos are from the shooting of "Vohon Chy Lid" and "Wild Energy videos" (both 11%).

Most fans saw Ruslana for the first time on TV (39%), followed by those who saw her at ESC 2004 (27%).

What we like in Ruslana's work in general is... basically Ruslana herself:) and the melodies of her songs.

What fans like to listen to most is, of course, Ruslana's music and a variety of other genres ranging from Pop and Folk to Classics and Rock.