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02.04.09 Ruslana loved reading fairy tales

„I learned to read when I was 5“, says Ruslana in an interview for the Ukrainian newspaper „Komsomolskaya Pravda“. Among her favourites were Andersen’s fairy tales: „I remember I loved listening to „The Snow Queen “ and I used to imagine myself as Gerda (one of the main characters). I also liked the main female characters in „Buratino“ and „The Twelve Months“. I admired them for their bravery, strength of spirits and helpfulness. They could really love and they had very good hearts. To say it in a nutshell- real Amazons (laughing).

In school the singer liked reading „Ruslan and Lyudmila“ by A.S.Pushkin and „Consuelo“ by George Sand while these days she enjoys relaxing with nice fantasy books.

Despite having grown up, occasionally, Ruslana goes back to favourite fairy tales from her childhood. „We all remain children in our hearts“, she makes a constatation, „Sometimes I still want to read Baron Munchausen“ or „Treasure Island“. I love reading very much, and I’d like this my love to pass on to my children“