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01.04.09 Support Ruslana by voting for "Vohon Chy Lid"

On the site of radio "Lux" you can vote for "Vohon Chy Lid" ("Fire or Ice"), a song from Ruslana's album "Amazonka", released in 2008. The video to the song was produced later the same year.

To vote skip the intro, scroll down the next page, and you can find "Руслана - Вогонь чи Лід" (Ruslana- Vohon Chy Lid) as well as several other artists under "Вишнева 20". Click "Далі >>>>" and a page with all artists opens. Here you should search for "Руслана - Вогонь чи Лід", tick it and click "Голосувати>>" (Vote). We can vote only once a day.

Thank you for the support!