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02.03.09 Wild_olchyk, member of RuslanaTube team, with the great help of Olena Soltysyak, prepared a nice spring surpirise for all Ruslana fans, and especially the foreign ones. Watch the film "Ruslana.Amazon" in fifteen parts on RuslanaTube channel, now with subtitles in English. The whole text of the movie is also shared here in the fan club site.

Translation into English by Olena Soltysyak:


Ruslana. It’s difficult to find one more figure in Ukrainian show – business, who can express so many arguments, actions and show the attitude of diametrical plot and mood. Her name is connected with the break of modern Ukrainian music into European stage and somebody connects and compares her name with bad political experience in her native country. Others call her brave experimenter, a person who always move and does not stop, also, sometimes, she is considered to be a wild person, as there are no laws and rules for her of modern show – business. It looks like, Ruslana, continues to give new reasons for arguments. It was not like that before…

Ruslana: “Everybody told, what an interesting idea they have got… It happened in Riga, when we were leaving the stage, all the decorations fell and the concert was on air… and Ruslana… Wild Dances… see you. We came and left effectively.”

Let’s talk about what everybody is interested in – money. How much did you earn in “Eurovision”?

Ruslana: “We must invest more than to earn. “Eurovision” was not the way to earn. It was just a start for us. When me with my husband – Olexander Ksenofontov (Ruslana’s husband and producer) invested money in “Eurovision”, we did not know till the end in what we had invested it. In short, it was too risky for us.”

It was the first victory of young East – European country in 49 – th International competition “Eurovision”, which became a great surprise for everybody and especially for Ruslana, it was the whole new beginning of international achievements. The song has taken the first places in 14 European musical chats, the album “Wild Dances” has been released in 25 countries. In the ceremony World Music Awards in Las Vegas, the singer got the prize for the best selling discs of Ukrainian performers in the world. Today in Ruslana’s concert time – table – there are performances in grand TV shows in Germany, Russia, Baltic countries and Balkan, the first night of the own new fantasy – show in Baku, Istanbul, Belgrade, Bucharest, Cannes. To find the singer in her native country is almost impossible.

Ruslana: “Ukrainian modern music needs more investments than real incoming. From this point of view…”

Correspondent: “Ruslana? Plane? (It means, plane AN – 140 “Ruslan”). Oh… Singer… Well, she won “Eurovision”.”

Correspondent: “I think, the main income which she has got after “Eurovision” – it’s, may be, the sales of albums and tickets in Europe, and as to the sum, I think, it was not big.”

Correspondent: “I think a million she earned.”

Correspondent: “May be even 2 million dollars.”

Ruslana: “There were no any millions. As kind and frank people, we took a credit and half built house. Now, we are building it, inside of which we will have our working places and studio. At that moment, when I won in “Eurovision”, we were renting very small flat in Podol, in Kyiv. The flat was so small, that I think it was the smallest one I have ever been in. After such a scale, when the stages are large, all the conference halls are large too… and here you come into a small flat. How many square metres did it have? I even don’t know, if 30, it would be great.”


Antonio Maria Costa, executive director UNODC:

“I got acquainted with Ruslana – Ukrainian star, producer, composer, public figure, and ex – parliamentarian – in the forum UNODC in Vienna. She was the only musician, who represented her own project “Not For Sale”, which was devoted to international anti – trafficking campaign. Before, dealing with OSCE, Ruslana made social short films on that topic in her country. She is real “volcano”. Her irrepressible energy and fantastic performance will help to attract attention to our social project.”

Peter Maffai, famous German rock musician and Maecenas:

“Ruslana represented Ukraine in my world charitable project “Meetings. Union for the sake of children”. It was telemarathon and charitable tour in Germany. Ruslana’s songs together with popular singers from different continents helped to collect almost 10 million euros for charity.”

Ruslana: “I think for the musician, for artist or public figure, there is no sense to work without charity. It’s just what we have to do when we have become famous.”

Besides charity, Ruslana always admired cultural projects. 90s were famous for her tours to different castles in Ukraine. She has been the author and director of her teleprojects and films for five years. The projects were devoted to the traditions of Ukrainian Christmas. Famous “Wild Dances” started from ethnogeographical and cultural expeditions to the Carpathians. Fascinating “Hutsul project” presented the audience the actions of the Carpathians in the clip “I know” and, also, a new mix of ethnical and modern dancing music for Europe. Probably, “Hutsul project” was the next famous one after Serhiy Paradzhanov (1924 – 1990) – famous director. Now, Ruslana does not only have to take care about Ukrainian traditions and customs, but, also, to defend them.

Ihnat Berezhnyi, the director of Association of musical industry in Ukraine.

“Ruslana’s actions and work were devoted to opposition of piracy in Ukraine, which reached real success, together with the help of mass – media and militia. They managed to reach and release the first OFFICIAL Platinum disc in 2003, in Ukraine. “Wild Dances” became the first album with the total of legal licensed sales on the level of more than HALF MILLION copies. For the sake of campaign of Ukrainian publisher, “Wild Energy. Lana”, became Ukrainian best – seller in 2006. Today, Ruslana’s initiative is against the Internet – piracy, which is real summons for an inactive country in affair of protection of author’s right in the Internet.”


Ruslana: “Politics… It’s nonsense to speak about it softly. Politics should be spoken about as it is. Here, in the country, almost everybody talks about it aggressively, and I don’t want to exaggerate, but when you speak about politics you become aggressive whether you want it or not. For the last six months, I convince myself of forgetting this period as a bad dream. I don’t want to insult some good men, professionals, whom I met in the Parliament. It seems to me, I was in the society of women but not men, who behaved like women but not like men.

… I remember very interesting incident, when somebody called and said: “Do you want honorary rank conferred on People’s Artist or Hero of Ukraine?” I was full of emotions… We gained a victory. Even, it did not matter what they would confer me.”


“I got into politics because I was told to do so. Everything was strange to me, as soon as I got into that atmosphere. At that moment, I even did not think that politics would ruin my business, that I would have to disclaim from all my commercial activity and I would not be able to perform concerts and to collect money for them. Here is one of the reasons why I do not believe politicians, they do not speak what they think about and do not speak what is in reality. They always perform. It is constant performance and it’s not for me. After that, when I left the Parliament, I had a feeling as if I started to breathe fresh air. I felt the taste of freedom! You can’t even imagine, what it means, when you can come out and say what you think about, and it is very important.”

Correspondent: “Certainly, if 2012 does not bring anything like swastika, then I think it will be “cool”, because all this – is shit, real shit.”

Correspondent: “I don’t want to say, but if the Third World War starts, I will be in the first line to fight for Ukraine. I will do everything in my power to save Ukraine with its borders and people’s prosperity.”

Correspondent: “I am a builder. I build, build, build, – we will build and develop Ukraine… We will build houses for citizens.”

Ruslana: “It seemed to me, that it was not politics anymore. It was absolutely different. It was the revolution (events autumn – winter 2004), the changes of epoch, which gave us unbelievable push. I spoke in all the interviews that we had jumped into the future, we jumped over 100 years. It is regrettable, as only on breaking up of epochs develop new trends. I thought that a new, young trend would develop, for sure, that Ukraine would become different, because all the revolutions gave such pushes and only the young gave such progressive thoughts and ideas. What happened to us? Why did not we give them? What made us fall? Probably, we are disappointed that we can not go on and move forward, to leave politics, politicians and “bazaar” behind us. I am sure, we can move forward and we have to do it, because we have strong potential, in which I continue to believe, in spite of all political events.”


Vitaliy Klychko, famous Ukrainian sportsman:

“Oh… I can’t describe Ruslana in two words. Ruslana doesn’t “play”, she is real, in life, on the stage - she is frank, true and real. Ruslana – is a person, woman, who is not just beautiful; she is the person, who radiates energetics, it is charm, with which she charms not just who surrounds her, but she charms thousands, hundreds thousands, millions fans who are devoted to her talent. The most important is – that she is very talented person, who rose to the occasion in show – business. It is impossible to characterize Ruslana in two words!”

Sashko Polozhynskyi, frontman of Ukrainian famous band “Tartak”:

“If to speak about Ruslana on the stage, so, Ruslana does not slapdash. When she is on the stage, she devotes herself to the audience. I was a witness of such situations. When Ruslana is on the stage, she loses the feeling of time. There were such incidents, when another singer had to go on the stage or to finish the concert and Ruslana continued to work for audience.”

Serhiy Kuzin, chief – executive director of “Rusradio Ukraine”:

“I do not think that Ruslana is a great politician. I do not think that she thinks about herself, like “contribution to history” or “epochal performance”. Ruslana will never be the same as before. She will never be ex – Ruslana. She has got Top medal, which Ruslana made and carved herself.”

Correspondent: “As to the singer, I treat her neither well nor badly. I just don’t listen to such style of music.”

Correspondent: “My attitude is very positive, because… we remember “Eurovision”, when she represented our Ukraine with care and honour, and we were at the European level. I like, when national and traditional moments are included in the show. Good synthesis.”

Ruslana: “I think, many people imagine me in the image of “Wild Dances” and can not imagine different one…”


Ruslana: “The first night of the show was in Baku, then in Vienna, Sofia, Bulgaria, after that Hamburg, Cannes, Serbia, musical festival next to Belgrade, then Tavria Games, Ukraine, then Istanbul, Turkey, then again Belgrade in the form of “Eurovision”, Romania – Bucharest, Warsaw and then we would visit other continents. It is the plan, which we have already planned for us. This show has many changes of images. It is rich in new interesting choreography. We used hopak, arkan, czardas and unbelievable tricks. The show has many interesting technological finds, because the show of the future – is the mix of technology and art.”

The first night of Ruslana’s new show was in Baku. It happened in the form of selection of Azerbaijani singers for “Eurovision – 2008”. That year Azerbaijan took part in “Eurovision” for the first time, so the country had invited Ruslana and her agency to cooperate with them. They started to work at Great TV show in Baku, which had to impress Europe. The audience of four countries and the Internet audience of official site of “Eurovision” were watching two hour ceremony. The responses of experts and fans were grandiose. “Eurovision has never seen such an imposing national final before”, - said TV director of European language union.

Ruslana: “We came to the country and everybody had such an amorous look. There was very emotional atmosphere in the wings. The fight was very serious. They came out and came out… We only jumped out from our make – up rooms to see who was performing. The audience was emotional and, to my mind, they performed professionally. I do not have the right to judge such things, but I think, for the start, everything went well.”

Eccentric duet of young boys became the winner and the first representative of Azerbaijan, which would have all the chances to become a sudden surprise for the audience of “Eurovision”.


In four years, after phenomenal triumph of the Carpathian’s Princess of warriors, a new Ruslana appears. She is mystic Amazon and tempting hologram from the future. The plot of clips and the track of creative team from planning till realization are based on genre of science fiction. Comic papers, scenery, film effects were created, made and produced, which were the base of science fiction plot. All these reproduce the events of power crisis of the future. There are changes even in the smallest details. Everything has to look like in the city of science fiction: from costumes, make – up to atmosphere and the sky. “It’s our answer to “Star Wars”, - says Ruslana in joke. – Hold on Lucas!”

Hollywood was not aware of threat yet, but the World Musical Ceremony Grammy entered the section of Ruslana’s note book “Urgent affairs”. First of all, our Ukrainian Lady hooked gold – bearing prizewinners of Grammy Awards, rap – giants, T – Pain and Missy Elliot, with whom she recorded duets for her new album.

Ruslana: “A new image is interesting, as it gives an opportunity to do things, which nobody expects from you. I think, Amazon – is the image, which gives me the opportunity to do just that, what nobody expects from me at all. This image consists of fight between warlike attitude and femininity, it’s the image which Amazon has. I think, we showed warlike attitude with the help of leather, knouts and some elements. Femininity is the feature which nobody expects to see. We can show the possibilities of the person in the image of Amazon. In the show, we ride motor – cycles, we fly with the help of mechanized wings, we travel with the help of some urbopirate ship and jump with mechanized mustangs. It’s a fantasy – show and this image will let me do that, what nobody expects from me.

The fact is, that Amazons existed in Ukraine. Some of my familiar historians confirm, - it was the most ideal realization of matriarchy.”

Serhiy Kuzin, chief – executive director of “Rusradio Ukraine”.

“The show which I have seen impressed me very much, as it differs from the last presentations, releases, albums and all the entertainments that Ukrainian singers offer the audience. Very many drums. Ruslana, herself, played drum setting. Very much rhythm and groove – making, as the Americans say. Ruslana continued to remain devoted to Ukrainian melodic tradition, as her style of singing and voice proved it. I would call this show – European, but not because of borrowed details out of the shows, which we can see in Europe. In my opinion, Ruslana can regard herself European singer, because she is not afraid of experimenting.”

Ruslana: “I took care about everything myself. I wrote lighting, ideas for the shows, we sat together and elaborated all the dresses. I rewrote the scenario for million times, until we chose the one, which showed and led to the word – LOVE, whether it was in the image of Amazon or in deciphering the concept of Wild Energy.”

For a new Amazon to be as a friend for world musical singers is not enough. Ruslana wired for sound cybernated DJ, which was a new version of World Wide famous computer game Grand Theft Auto. Ruslana together with professor, Gert Goff – show – director of Rammstein elaborated light effects for her new fantasy – program on a grand stage. Ruslana was the first of the Ukrainian singers who signed the contract with global phonogram company – Warner. Hold on pop – maidens out of overseas magazines – Amazon is coming!


Ruslana: “We should not speak about all the sources that are connected with energy. It seems to me, the person looks for the source himself. If we start to speak much about it, these sources disappear. That’s why, I don’t want to talk about the source of Wild Energy of Amazon. It’s better when I concentrate on its quality. I think, it is positive energy and it is the greatest advantage. When you go back to the past, you start to understand the future. Today, you will not be able to look into the future without looking back into the past. The energy is connected with it more than our consciousness. They are the things which are beyond our consciousness and into which we have to enter in absolutely different state. It is connected with the style of life. What kind of future we choose for us, it is what we have to decide today and now. The style of life will bring us to the crisis, what will ruin us or will bring us to prosperity. Sometimes, we do some things and do not realize that they ruin our future and do very little for its prosperity. May be, eternal values such as: Love, Energy, Kindness are the values of the future prosperity.”