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06.10.10 Ruslana reveals some interesting facts about her upcoming album and her latest tours. >>

29.09.10 The selection round of the annual nomination The Most Beautiful People of Ukraine by VIVA magazine has started! Please sign in / register on the VIVA site and choose Ruslana's photo there. You can vote everyday! Go wild! Thanks! >>

08.09.10 Hey, dyki, would you like to see Ruslana as a footballer? Then check this exclusive photo gallery! >>

23.08.10 Ukrainian fans had another trip to the beautiful Ukrainian landscape to follow Ruslana in her path around Carpathian mountains. See how they were wearing Ukrainian folk costumes and another great photos on Ruslana's Official forum. >>

11.08.10 Ruslana returns to Soyuzivka: The singer is preparing a premier of a new single from the coming album as a special surprise! >>

11.08.10 Would you like to meet Ruslana during unique opportunity on the famous Ukrainian festival Soyuzivka in USA? >>

18.07.10 Select your favourite photo of Ruslana of the year! We selected some candidates for you from the main site galleries and now you can set your absolute favorite. >>

16.07.10 Please vote for Ruslana and balet Zhittya (her dancers) on the regular voting on website Thank you! >>

09.07.10 Congratulations to Nikoleta Rangelova on winning the competition Just as Wild as Ruslana? You can watch her video contribution on Youtube. To remind you the main prize was the exclusive red BUM project T-shirt with Ruslanas signature on it and Wild Energy pendent. Thanks to all the other participants of the competition. They will get postcards signed by Ruslana.

07.06.10 "The Battle of Captains" is over! >>

05.06.10 The 14th last BUM is coming! It's a time for The Battle of Captains. This time the strongest and the most creative will compete each other. Ruslana and another 14 famous Ukrainians will fight for the Best Captain trophy. Don't miss it this Sunday, June 6th at 17:00 EET (TV channel Inter). The battle will be exciting! >>

31.05.10 Ruslana has seen all the your wishes on her birthday webpage and she sends a message back: " !!!" Special thanks belong to our Ukrainian friends who ensured that wishes were delivered successfully!

31.05.10 Please vote for Ruslana on the website of Galaradio. Just click "" next to " - ". Thank you! >>

24.05.10 HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSLANA!!! From members of the Official International Fan Club with love. >>

24.05.10 Competition for the most original birthday wishes is running on the Ruslana's Official forum. Didn you congratulate her via Official International Fan Club? Never mind! You can either congratulate her on the traditional birthday topic and also copy and paste your wishes to the competition topic if you'd like to take part.

22.05.10 It continues! Battle of Ukrainian Cities semifinal with Ruslana will be broadcasted on 23rd of May at 17:00 EET on the TV channel Inter. Watch it online and be wild with Ruslana! >>

22.05.10 Check out fan photos by wild_olchyk which were taken during the concert devoted to The Day of Culture of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine which held in Kyiv at Sophia Square on May 15 on Ruslana's Facebook profile. >>

12.05.10 On 13.05.10 (EET) watch a show called "From Heaven to the

Earth" which will show Ruslana in unusual image. On this project stars leave

their heavens and try some usual profession for a while. Someone will be

cook, someone hairdresser and so on. Interested? Watch the channel 1+1.

11.05.10 See photos from a very wild trip of Ukrainian fans, visiting a lot of interesting places and playing wild quests! >>

10.05.05 Have you missed "BUM" with Ruslana? Watch it at anytime on RuslanaTube! >>

29.04.10 Announcement: One of the most awaited actions is here - Ruslana's active participation on the Battle of Ukrainian Cities, Ukrainian version of Wipeout, will be broadcasted this Sunday by TV channel Inter! Don't forget to watch the most extreme Ukrainian TV project with Ruslana on 02.05.10 at 17:00 (EET). You can watch it online as well. >>

27.04.10 An year has passed and Our beloved Ruslana is going to celebrate her birthday on 24th May! If you'd like to congratulate her via Official International Fan Club, check your e-mail where you'll find more instructions. If you didn't receive the fan club newsletter, click here >>

13.04.10 Unexpectedly lyrical Ruslana! Ja Jdu Za Toboju (the Ukrainian version of I'll Follow the Night) is a new Ukrainian single release from Amazonka album (the Ukrainian version of Wild Energy album). >>

13.04.10 Poll "RuslanaTube avatar" has finished! Design No. 5 received 42 % of your votes and it has been uploaded on RuslanaTube. Check put the designs and detailed results. >>

09.04.10 Please vote for Ruslana and balet Zhittya (her dancers) on the regular voting on website in the second voting period of 2010 (April - June). Thank you! >>

09.04.10 Idea by Olena Soltysyak: Let's collect all the links about Ruslana's social projects! >>

09.04.10 Newly launched unofficial fan sites! See the website by Alex__Angel named "Wild Energy World" and also website with design by AnnaWmCz which which will soon become an Overground of all the Czech fans who have their website, because they've received a common access.

03.04.10 Choose your favourited avatar for RuslanaTube. Which one would you like to colour our wild Youtube channel? >>

We all love to dance the most. Previous poll shows that your most loved part of Wild Energy videoclip is dancing in the Overground (64 % of all votes).

03.04.10 Competition: Are you as wild as Ruslana? >>

27.03.10 Listen to the English version of the song Not For Sale on Ruslana's Not For Sale webpage. >>

22.03.10 Ruslana performed as special guest performed at the final of the Ukrainian national selection for ESC 2010. Watch awesome mix of a lot of songs, which was performed as one. >>

22.03.10 Our wild channel on Youtube, RuslanaTube, has reached 1000 subscribers! Especially thanks to the awesome effort of wild_olchyk this channel is now what it is. >>

17.03.10 The competition to invite the spring with Ruslana for a poster signed by Ruslana has its winners! Congratulations to Liza and Marte, but also to everybody who took part, because really a lot of awesome artworks and drawings were submited! >>

17.03.10 The performance called "Shevchenko evening" was held in Kyiv on 10.03.10 on the occasion of 196th anniversary of famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko's birth. Ruslana was among famous persons who took part. Watch a TV version of this event on the Pershyi Natsionalnyi channel on 20.03.10 at 19:00 (EET) online. >>

13.03.10 Ruslana to perform in Egypt >>

11.03.10 Ivan Ivanov's own videoclip "Duel" to support Ruslana's project Wild Energy is on the scene once again. He and his friends perform their roles in searching for Wild Energy, dance, sing and finally find it. You can view it if you haven't seen it so far and if you like it, please vote for the video on amateur videos contest by clicking on "+1" button. >>

11.03.10 Ruslana has absolutely no borders in being wild! See her recipe for life energy on the latest video on RuslanaTV. >>

08.03.10 Check out an exclusive photo gallery by Olexandra Pendrakovska from Battle of Ukrainian cities directly on the Fan Club site! Shared with permission. >>

08.03.10 Ruslana's blog: Ruslana about her participation in the Ukrainian version of Wipeout as the most extreme outing in her life >>

07.03.10 A fan AnnaWmCz has created Ruslanas profile on Photobucket, server for photos sharing. Please support Ruslana by adding as much photos as possible. >>

07.03.10 Special private photo shooting by user Pendra Pendra from Buenos Aires is available on the website VKontakte. First photo with Ruslana is 23rd. >>

04.03.10 See photos from the most extreme Ukrainian TV project "Battle Of Ukrainian Cities" shooting with Ruslana >>

03.03.10 Join Ruslana on Facebook and Twitter!

Follow RuslanaOfficial on Twitter

Special thanks to Nikoleta Rangelova and Wild Yennifer!

03.03.10 See a lot of new press about "Battle Of Ukrainian Cities". >>

25.02.10 Ruslana is back to Ukraine. Get ready for her in the programme "Battle Of Ukrainian Cities" recorded in Argentina which will be broadcast by TV channel Inter and watch all the short videos with her which are available so far. >>

18.02.10 Fan Hanibal has created Ruslana's character for the game The Sims 2. >>

16.02.10 COMPETITION for a poster signed by Ruslana! Combine winter and spring in one artwork devoted to Ruslana and win it! >>

16.02.10 There is an opportunity to prove our love to Ruslana in another poll! >>

16.02.10 As we liked the banner designs which fan Liza sent us for the fan club site very much, one of them will now be used. Find her other designs in the section Your Artworks. >>

10.02.10 Lana's escape: What's your favourite element of Wild Energy videoclip from this list? >>

The result of the previous poll shows that you prefer Ruslana wearing a skirt as a part of her costumes (81 %). Trousers got 19 % of the votes.

10.02.10 Fan club player of the latest performance form Azerbaijan now contains first four songs in high quality, donated to RuslanaTube by escAZE. >>

06.02.10 There are a lot of awesome remixes of Ruslana's songs by hristina_lutsk on Ruslana's Official Forum. Keep up the great work! >>

06.02.10 On the latest interview for Ruslana summarizes the year 2009 and tells her plans for 2010. >>

04.02.10 Ruslana ruled in Baku, Azerbaijan once again, with her song The Girl That Rules, other songs, visual effects and more. Watch available spots of the performance. >>

01.02.10 After two years, Ruslana is back to Azerbaijan and she's going to perform on their Eurovision National Semi Final in Baku on 02.02.10. The event starts at 20:00 o'clock local time (That's GMT + 4, 18:00 Kyiv time.). Watch it online! >>

30.01.10 Decorate your desktop with a new wallpaper which you will find in the section Extra Wild. >>

30.01.10 Regular poll: Do you like more when Ruslana wears costumes with skirt or with trousers? >>

Previous poll shows that you like Ruslana with straight hair the most (54%) followed with semi-curly hairstyle (32 %).

23.01.10 A lot of great photos by Maxim from the Amazonka tour and the tour Z Ukrajinoju v Serci are now in the section Your concert photos. >>

23.01.10 Check out lyrics of Ruslana's brand new song Christmas Ples, provided by Ruslanochka on the official forum. >>

19.01.10 Ruslana is changing her hair styles as well as other kinds of her image. Which one do you like the most? >>

19.01.10 Fans from all over the Ukraine are traditionaly visiting Carpathian Mountains in summer and having a very wild time together. See their videos and how amazing time they had last year. >>

15.01.10 Ruslana will take part in "Battle of Ukrainian Cities" game show >>

11.01.10 Summarization of all the polls of 2009! How are our preferences of Ruslana's songs, costumes etc. developing? See how all the polls (currently 21) are going. >>

09.01.10 Alla Pugachiova: "Ruslana, no one can do better than you!" Ruslana's performance of Arkan during programme "Christmas Encounters" which was broadcasted on Inter TV Channel on January, 7th is now here for you. >>

08.01.10 Please vote for Ruslana and balet Zhittya (her dancers) on the regular voting on website in the first voting period of 2010 (January - March). Thank you! >>

07.01.10 There is a lot of fan activity within frames of Not For Sale project. Thank you and keep up the great work! All the videos, incl. Ruslana's and yours, are being shared in RuslanaTube's playlist "People are Not For Sale" and here in the fan club player. If your video is not included, just let us know on any way. >>

04.01.01 Ruslana welcomes the year of Tiger with her energic New Year show on the Independence Square. The show includes a song "Christmas Ples" and some well-known songs with new, crazy lyrics! Watch it now on RuslanaTube. >>

01.01.10 Happy and wild new year! A lot of luck and love, have a success with everything you do and have a joy from the every moment. And even when you simply can't find the reason to be happy! How Ruslana would say - the energy of your heart. Here comes a New Year present for you - Ruslana in programme "Behind the Back" (Pozaochi) with English subtitles by Olya (wild_olchyk) and Olena Soltysyak on the Fan Club player. >>

31.12.09 Important! Ruslana: "This problem has come too close to us. We can't ignore it anymore. We don't want you to know your price 'cause your life is priceless! A human is NOT FOR SALE!" A new video on Ruslana's main site shows how to not get trapped (be sold) in human trafficking and became a "modern slave". Fanclub also brings you an easy idea what you can do. Please visit this website which Ruslana has devoted to her actual initiative and help to stop this crime, for example, by that you won't become its next victim. >>

29.12.09 Concert which will take place on Independence Square in Kyiv on 31.12.09 - 01.01.10 will be broadcast by M1 TV-channel. The show will start at 22:00 and continue to 2:00 (EET). Watch M1 online >>

29.12.09 On January 7th at 18:00 and 20:20 (before and after programme "Podrobytsi") on Inter TV channel watch Christmas Encounters by Alla Pugachiova. Watch Inter online >>

28.12.09 Several news from press about Ruslana in Ukrainian and Russian are available on Ruslana's forum. >>

27.12.09 RuslanaTube update: Now you can find there a new winter design as well as the new version of Silent Angel videoclip. Go wild watchers! >>

23.12.09 Merry Christmas to all of you! No matter which day do you celebrate. May the wild star always shine in you and next year may bring you unforgetable boost of energy and luck. Ruslana has a present for you - on her main site you can listen to an original mix of songs by her (after the spoken intro)! >>

20.12.09 Now you have again an opportunity to choose the best song from two. There are another two amazing songs from Wild Energy album, do you like more Silent Angel or Cry It Out? This poll has been created using an idea of Olya (wild_olchyk). >>

Previous polls shows that our hearts beat the most for a concert in Kyiv Arena, 17.05.05 (27 %) followed by L'viv 750th aniversary, 30.09.06 (23 %).

19.12.09 Yesterday, on December 18, Ruslana performed at a concert on the occassion of Police Day in Ukraine which took place in Kyiv Palats Ukraina. >>

13.12.09 Please, keep voting for Ruslana as the most beautiful woman of Ukraine on contest every day till 31.01.10. >>

13.12.09 If you haven't voted yet, please, help Ruslana and her dancers, ballet "Zhittya", by voting on till the end of this month. This is the last voting period for this year. >>

13.12.09 A new version of "Silent Angel" videoclip with more stunning effects is available on RuslanaTV! >>

13.12.09 "Christmas encounters" by Alla Pugachiova: "Ruslana, no one can do better than you!" >>

09.12.09 On her webpage devoted to Ruslana AnnaWmCz, a Ruslana fan,has finished her amazing project called "Christmas with Ruslana". The projectcontains a lot of interactive puzzles, wallpapers and more! >>

09.12.09 The newspaper "Komsomolskaya pravda" has published the awaited interview with Ruslana! >>

07.12.09 A presentation of "Chervone Serce" (Red Heart) video-clip with Ruslana and other artists from 02.12.2009 can be now found on RuslanaTube and the fan club player (Red Heart video-clip and two parts of "Guten Morgen" programme). >>

06.12.09 Which is your most favourite Ruslana's concert ever? There is a topic on the official forum where many of us rated our beloved concerts. Now you can vote for the absolute favorite. >>

Previous poll leads the song New Energy Generation (62 %) apart from Overground (38 %).

02.12.09 Official International Fan Club and RuslanaTube celebrate two years! Thanks to everybody who's supporting us for making it wild and all of you who are a fan of Ruslana! Check out what you didn't know about our sites so far. >>

28.11.09 Ask Ruslana a question! >>

27.11.09 A voting for the most beautiful woman of Ukraine 2009 has been started! Thanks to our voting during last few months, Ruslana is among 25 nominees! We can vote once every day. Let's help Ruslana to win! >>

25.11.09 Ruslana's stunning big charity show in Kyiv Arena 17.5.2005 is now completely available on Youtube! Get wild with the fan club player. >>

25.11.09 Take a part in choosing the best from hundreds of Ruslana's concerts on her official forum. This will later help to create a poll about the most favourited concerts. >>

22.11.09 Overground and New Energy Generation. Two stunning energic songs from Wild Energy world. But which one is better according to you? >>

According to the results of previous poll, 40 % of us like Ruslana's red costume (picture number 1) the most. Black (n. 2) and white (n. 5) costumes shared 2 place with equal number of votes.

18.11.09 We'd like to express our special thanks to Nikoleta, Olya (wild_olchyk), Natalya (Wild Yennifer) and also, Nikoleta, happy birthday! >>

16.11.09 Our press has been wild recently >>

16.11.09 The winner of the the forum competition Your Halloween 2009 is Wild Vladyuk. Congratulations! >>

15.11.09 Yeasterday Ruslana was a guest in the TV programme "Zhittevi Sensacii", where she talked about her ESC victory, its outcome and what it had cost her. Find out how the Wild Dances tiger sees things nowadays. >>

11.11.09 Ruslana will take a part on Charitatable Banquet in Kyiv >>

09.11.09 Watch a stunning performance of "Vidlunnia Mrij" in duet with Artem Meh, broadcast in "Fabryka Zirok", 08.11.09. >>

09.11.09 The date of "Christmas Encounters" by Alla Pugachiova has been changed! The event will take place on 12.12.09.

08.11.09 Check a promotional poster about the event "Christmas Encouters" which will take place on 11.12.09. See the previous news for more information. >>

08.11.09 Did you know that in the end of last month Ruslana went to Egypt together with several other stars? The event, during which Ruslana performed "Wild Dances", was called "Winds of Hope". A video is also available now. >>

07.11.09 Long ago you had the opportunity to express your opinion about Ruslana's best costume in a poll, including all of her costumes. Some time has passed since then and she appeared in many new outfits with awesome designs, characterizing her wild heart. Now you can vote for your favorite wild costume again. This time we didn't create a general poll, but one where you can choose the best of Ruslana's latest outfits. >>

06.11.09 On Sunday, November 8th Ruslana will appear on the stage of Fabryka Zirok 3 (Star Factory 3). >>

03.11.09 The show "Christmass Encounters", where Ruslana and Ani Lorak are the main stars, will be broadcast in the beginning of the new year>>

03.11.09 Just one interesting thing >>

29.10.09 Alla Pugachiova has invited Ruslana to the event "Christmas Encounters" which will take a place in Kyjiv. Venue - Palac Sportu. Date- 11.12.09. Then the participants will have to present their new songs. >>

29.10.09 Mix of videos from Ruslana's world >>

26.10.09 Announcement: 01.10.09 at 10:40 (EET) Ruslana will become a guest of TV show Pozaochi on Inter TV channel. >>

23.10.09 Tomorrow Ruslana will perform on Maydan Nezalezhnosty, Kyiv, within the tour "With Ukraine In Our Hearts". The event will be broadcast by two TV channels. Some of the fans who visited the place today said that it is not a usual stage that is being built, but something far bigger. If you can't go there, don't forget to watch our beloved singer on 5 TV channel or Pershyi Natsionalnyi. The show will start on 19:30 EET.

23.10.09 Check Ruslana's performance in Rivne on 20.10.09! >>

20.10.09 Great news! Ruslana and balet Zhittya, her devoted dancers, are currently second on the votings! Please vote if you didn't so far in the August - September - October voting season or tell your friends. Thanks for the great results so far! >>

20.10.09 Olya (wild_olchyk) took more nice photos from the tour With Ukraine in Hearts! >>

19.10.09 Announcement: We're planning the wildest quest ever so far, called "Climb Hoverla with Ruslana!" It will consist of five smaller quests, represented by five highest Ukrainian mountains. When you finish one, you'll unlock the next one. Stay tuned!

16.10.09 The first correct answer to the question of The Quick Competition was sent by pascha. Congratulations for winning!

13.10.09 Quick competition! A lucky Lana or a wolf who will be able to tell which are the missing Ruslana DVDs on the new RuslanaTube skin will win Ruslana cards >>

12.10.09 Wild Yennifer has created five great Ruslana skins for your qip! Thanks to her you can now download them here on the fan club site >>

10.10.09 Ruslana announced a new start for her social initiative Not For Sale project! Find out more on her blog >>

06.10.09 Roman Winter, Ruslana fan and a professional web designer, created a flash intro for the fan club site. We'd like to express our wild thanks! You can find his website here: >>

06.10.09 Announce: Don't miss All-Ukrainian tour "With Ukraine in Our Hearts" >>

04.10.09 Listen to Ruslana speaking about Asia Song Festival in several TV shows, and dance while watching her latest performance from the tour "With Ukraine in Our Hearts." Volume to the right and go wild! >>

04.10.09 Please vote for Ruslana and balet Zhittya on the website Thank you for your support!

02.10.09 Read a part of the most interesting answers Ruslana gives for "Comfort+" >>

02.10.09 The winners of "Autograph Hunters" competition are: Olya Prokopchuk, Lena Vavrova, Ulyana Chaban, Yarik Bogdantsev, Elena Svyatchenko.

01.10.09 Let's learn more about us all, Ruslana fans! The question for the next poll is very simple - are you a boy (man) or a girl (woman)? >>

27.09.09 One more video from the event Asia Song Festival is available now - "Play, Musician". >>

25.09.09 See several beautiflul photos from Moscow and Warsaw, taken by Daniel Kruczynski.

23.09.09 Ruslana conquered Asia at the Asia Song Festival, September 19th >>

22.09.09 On 19.09.09 Ruslana sang in Korea where she got two awards. See a really stunning photo gallery which can compete with the best ones from the "Wild Dances" era. Watch also videos from the event. >>

19.09.09 Watch Ruslana talking about her political choice in Slavik Shuster's show. Our beloved singer got back to straight hair style! >>

18.09.09 All Ukrainains who bought "Blik" today felt lucky- there was a new game organized by the newspaper. >>

18.09.09 Learn more about the upcoming Asia Song Festival and check out a promo poster with Ruslana. >>

18.09.09 Please don't forget to vote for Ruslana as the most beautiful woman of Ukraine. You can vote every day. Thank you for the support! >>

18.09.09 Especially for the new fans: Have you ever wondered where do all great photos of "Wild Dances" style come from? Well, not anymore. We'd like to show you Ruslana's old photo archieve and especially the making of "Wild Dances" videoclip.

13.09.09 The evening of 12.09.09 was devoted to the event "Ukraine In Heart". It was a very wild and awesome day for all Ruslana fans who came to Kyiv. >>

12.09.09 Starting from 19:00, watch live concert with Ruslana on 12.09.09 on M1 online. >>

12.09.09 We'd like to inform you that the prezents from the Summer Competition were sent to all who took part and provided postal addresses. Thank you for helping us to create a wild atmosphere in our common Overground! Now you can take part in "Autograph Hunters" - another competition running on Ruslana's main site. Learn more >>

09.09.09 Some of the most popular Ukrainians singers are going to participate in the All-Ukrainian tour With Ukraine In Our Hearts. Potap and Nastya Kamenskih, Tina Karol, Oleksandr Ponomariov, Natalya Mogylevska, Ruslana, Ani Lorak, Iryna Bilyk, the bands TIK, TNMK, Druga Rika, Mad Heads XL are all young and see their future. Ukraine is strong and open in their hearts. Dont miss the All-Ukrainian Tour. >>

08.09.09 Yesterday in Lvov, with the help of a professional artist and two dancers from her ballet, Ruslana painted a lion for the festival Lions Parade. According to Ruslana, her lion symbolizes love and all who are in love, because Lvov is the city of love. Watch a short video on RuslanaTube.

06.09.09 Now on RuslanaTube: "Full Dance", a Bulgarian dance group, and their original dance, comprising four different styles, on Ruslana's "Wild Dances". The dance has won tens of awards at different shows and festivals and made all, dancers and audience, feel what is it to be... WILD. This year "Full Dance" celebrate their 10th anniversary! "Full Dance"

03.09.09 The big summer competition has come to an end. You showed how you imagine Ruslana of the future in various ways. Many creative ideas were submitted and we'd like to thank everybody for participating! All who took part will receive symbolic presents. >>

02.09.09 Solve an interactive puzzles with Ruslana! >>

31.08.09 Ukraine is voting for the most beautiful person of Ukraine. We can vote daily. Help Ruslana here >>

31.08.09 Our beloved Ruslana attended the Ukrainian humour TV show Vechirnij 95 Kvartal >>

31.08.09 We all love dancing! According to the results of previous poll, 15 % of us voted for dancing. The other sports have much lower percentage.

27.08.09 On 24th August, Ukraines Independence Day, Ruslana performed in Lvov. >>

26.08.09 The new president of the All-Ukrainian Fan Club is Kvitoslava. A lot of success and Wild Energy for the following year! >>

24.08.09 Summary of Ruslana's schedule >>

21.08.09 Big summer competition reminder: "How do you imagine future Ruslana?" >>

18.08.09 Read a new interesting interview with Ruslana, on our wild forum! Find the original, scanned, article and a fan translation here >>

18.08.09 Let's check how active Ruslana fans are ;) >>

15.08.09 Ruslana's forum has been wild recently >>

14.08.09 Ruslana Ukrainian Fan Club dont betray their traditions. The Carpatians. Summer-2009. How it was! >>

13.08.09 Let's create our own common Overground >>

11.08.09 On 18-19th September Ruslana will perform in South Korea at Seoul World Cup Station at the event called Asia Song Festival. Find some more info about this on >>

08.08.09 The Wishart Hopak Dancers who like Ruslana very much were very excited that she appeared in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. Ruslana kindly took the time to take a picture with them during the parade. The dance group would like to share it with her and with all of you. >>

07.08.09 Share your love for Ruslana in our Fan Club Guestbook which has just been set up >>

You can access it through this news, from the contact section and from Other Wild Extras.

06.08.09 Ruslana concerts in Ukraine! During her successful tour in America, Ruslana didn't forget about the fans from her native country. >>

03.08.09 After the concert in Chicago Ruslana visited the Ukrainian National Museum. Check it out on >>

02.08.09 Thank you for voting in the latest polls. Most of you (83 %) would like a guestbook to be set up on the fan club site. It will be launched in the following days.

The previous poll shows that we all listen to "Wild Energy" album (32 %) the most. It is followed by "Wild Dances" (21 %), "Dyki Tanci" (14 %), "Amazonka" (11 %) and "Myt Vesny" (9%). The rest of the votes are for singles.

31.07.09 The most important moments from Ruslana's American tour so far >>

29.07.09 Check the progress of Infierno, a dance group who chose Wild Dances as background music for their rehearsals and performances >>

28.07.09 The Ukrainian Weekly, No. 30, Sunday, July 26, 2009: Ruslana headlines Soyuzivka's 3rd Ukrainian Cultural Festival >>

25.07.09 Ruslana's been for already a whole week in the USA >>

24.07.09 New poll: Would you like a Guestbook on the fan club site? >>

23.07.09 Ruslana became a scout In the USA >>

21.07.09 BIG SUMMER COMPETITION! "How do you imagine future Ruslana?" This is the big summer competition starting on the Official International Fan Club site. Describe how you imagine Ruslana's future career, creativity or ideology in several categories. There will be only one winner in each category and the authors of the best contribution will receive prizes. Learn more >>

19.07.09 Yesterday Ruslana performed at the Ukrainian Culture Festival in New York. >>

17.07.09 Ruslana will stay in the USA till 5th August, for three concerts. >>

16.07.09 This morning Ruslana flew to America where she'll spend the next three weeks. Check photos and stay connected! >>

15.07.09 What you didn't know about our wild channel >>

13.07.09 Representatives of the Chinese company CCTV came to Ukraine to shoot a film about European culture, cooperating with European countries' cinema studios. >>

10.10.09 Watch a video with some of Ruslana's best moments >>

07.07.09 Which CD have you listened to more often that all the others? >>

05.07.09 Welcome to Ukraine >>

03.07.09 The number of fans registered in the fan club site reached the amazing 2000! A warm welcome to all of you!

A discussion about changing the forum platform is going on on Ruslana's forum >>

30.06.09 Thanks to huiwes, a fan club member, you can now watch an interview with Ruslana for Dutch TV from 01.03.09 on RuslanaTube. Ruslana speaks in English. >>

28.06.09 On 29.06.09 00:40 EET watch the movie Opened World: Wild Ukraine on the programme K1 or online >>

28.06.09 Download wallpapers which consist of your latest artworks currently displayed in "Your artworks" section >>

27.06.09 Check the great quiz created by KPGirl, Ruslana fan. The quiz will show whether you are as wild as Ruslana! >>

23.06.09 June 24 - 11-00 - Press conference: "The representatives of the public call for the state to resist the deliberate displacement of Ukrainian language from the mass-media market through manipulative technologies". >>

20.06.09 See Ruslana's speech and performance of Silent Angel at Slavik Shuster's show from this night at anytime on RuslanaTube. >>

18.06.09 Can you solve this interactive Ruslana crossword created here on the fan club site? >>

18.06.09 Announcement: On Friday, 19.06.09 21:25 EET and again on Saturday 5:00 EET watch the TV program Shuster Live on TV Ukraina with Ruslana live. Watch online >>

15.06.09 According to our last poll, the song you have chosen to generate energy this week is "Heart On Fire"! "The Girl That Rules" and "Dancing in the sky" shared 2 place with equal number of votes.

13.06.09 Download Ulyana's great fan video in the "Energy Show" section. >>

13.06.09 Watch an excellent video by IvanovIvan devoted to the wild day fans had at the concert in Kryvyj Rig. >>

10.06.09 Energy generator is back, and this time you're the DJ! Select the song a sample from which you'd like to be played next week. >>

10.06.09 See a wild moment during the concert in Kriviy Rig. >>

09.06.09 Ruslana took part in a Ukrainian comedy show >>

04.06.09 Ruslana was very excited by the online birthday present on the fan club site! >>

03.06.09 Ruslana, as an artist, changes, her website changes too. Join our new poll and decide which design of has been the best one ever >>

01.06.09 Ruslana performed in Kriviy Rog >>

30.05.09 These days, a couple of fans have been supporting Ruslana's anti human-trafficking campaign in different ways >>

30.05.09 Watch a 45-minute video in which Ruslana talks about all her videoclips on RuslanaTube >>

29.05.09 Please vote for Ruslana and her clip Silent Angel on the website of Galaradio. Click on "" next to " ". Thank you for your support! >>

29.05.09 Did you know that Ruslana's energy is catching? Now make sure your speakers are on and feel the energy right here, while reading the news on the fan club site. You can feel its power, enjoy its sounds and get charged by the Energy Generator till the end of the next week. Go wild!

26.05.09 A day before her birthday, Ruslana performed in Ternopil, Ukraine at a celebration of the "Day of Europe". Many fans enjoyed the great, full of wild energy, concert and gave Ruslana presents for her birthday. You can see their photos, eagerness and after-concert stories in a special topic on Ruslana's official forum. >>

24.05.09 Dear Ruslana, Happy Birthday! Your fans and friends wish you everlasting happiness and countless new victories on your path!

Fans from countries all over the wrold showed for another year their devotion by contributing many beautiful artworks and sincere wishes to their wild star. Enjoy Ruslana Birthday Page >>

22.05.09 The project, celebrating Ruslana's Eurovision victory is finished. >>

19.05.09 It's exactly five years after Ruslana's stunning victory at the Eurovision Song Contest. There are several wild polls for you! >>

18.05.09 Several new photos from Ruslana at "Eurovision Legends" are added on the main site >>

16.05.09 Join the new competition on the Polish fan site >>

16.05.09 Watch the 40 minute long film "Great Victory" about Ruslana in Istanbul, 2004 on RuslanaTube >>

15.05.09 Your special attention is needed for the voting on the webpage of Thank you for your support! >>

14.05.09 Ruslana took part in the Eurovision Legends event, where she performed together with previous winners in the contest. She sang the song which became emblematic for the Eurovision Song Contest- Wild Dances, she and her dancers wearing new costumes. >>

14.05.08 See an actual interview with Ruslana in English as well as a short clip of her singing "Vohon Chy Lid" ("Fire or Ice"). >>

12.05.09 Current poll statistics, based on results in the poll section of the Ruslana Official International Fan Club site >>

09.05.09 As we all know, Ruslana has created her own music style which cannot be placed in any already existing templates. What kind of music, including Ruslana's music, do you listen to? >>

04.05.09 Wild shortcuts in our wild online world >>

04.05.09 Announcement: On May, 15 watch the 40 minutes long film "Great Victory" about Ruslana in Istambul, 2004 on RuslanaTube.

03.05.09 RuslanaTube channel and the Official Fan-club site are celebrating the 5th aniversary of Ruslana's Eurovision victory. Let's recall these emotional and happy moments. Ruslana showed the world an entirely new of music, full of wild, ethnic elements from ancient Carpathian melodies, an exotic style and energy. >>

03.05.09 The winner of the latest banner competition is Ankutzik! Congratulations! Her wild banner will be decorating our Fan Club site this month. Many thanks to all who took part! See all contributions >>

01.05.09 Ruslana is going to have two concerts in Ukraine for the Day of Europe - Ternopil (23.05.09) and Kryvyj Rig (30.05.09). She's also going to participate in The Ukrainian Culture Festival (18.07.09) in Kerhonkson, NY, USA. >>

29.04.09 Ruslana news report >>

27.04.09 Enjoy a new photo-gallery on Ruslana's main site >>

24.04.09 Help our Wild Angel to rise to the top >>

23.04.09 Hey, wild Ruslana fans! You may have been fans for years now, weeks, days or discovering Ruslana right now, but what was the thing which attracted you to her style and our wild world? >>

From our previous poll we can clearly see what big role Ruslana's winning ESC 2004 played in making her popular. However, most fans have seen her for the first time on television.

20.04.09 Ruslana making Easter cake- see photos on

19.04.09 Ruslana has always liked Easter and shares that she's got a lot of pleasant memories of celebrating it in her childhood. >>

17.04.09 Soon it will be exactly five years since the victorious "Wild Dances" awoke and conquered Europe at ESC 2004 in Istanbul. >>

14.04.09 In our new poll you can share the way Ruslana entered your wild world. There are various ways, but only one is yours. >>

09.04.09 Please vote for Ruslana as best singer on the site "favor" >>

08.04.09 Ruslana in another advertisement >>

08.04.09 You can now enjoy another Ruslana screensaver, containing photos from the private concert in Kyiv, April 2008. The photos will float on your screen >>

06.04.09 News from Youtube: Check a rare performance of "Hutsul Girl" >>

03.04.09 Read an interview with Ruslana for Wikinews (30.03.09), where the singer speaks about her path, style and messages to all of us. >>

02.04.09 Watch the energetic performance of Vogon' chy lid at the Ukrainian National Final for ESC song >>

02.04.09 Ruslana loved reading fairy tales >>

01.04.09 Support Ruslana by voting for "Vohon Chy Lid" >>

31.03.09 According to the exclusive interview Ruslana gave for "Pink" magazine, her top five pleasures are: nature, horse riding, home, cartoons and fairy tales, speaking with friends. The article includes also several new photos >>

25.03.09 You can already vote for Ruslana's best photo from the Potrait Gallery on the main site >>

Considering the current results of the previous poll, the not so big number of people who had voted before the time of calculating, had bought together far more than 200 CDs. It really makes difference. The highest percentages are people who have purchased 5 or 6 CDs. Thank you for your devotion!

24.03.09 Another wild action in Poland! >>

24.03.09 On the main site you can see photos from the rehearsals and concert devoted to the arrival of Renault Trucks expedition "Cape to Cape" to Kyjiv >>

22.03.09 The Ukrainian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" informed about Ruslana visiting the presentation of a ski-slope simulator in Kyiv. >>

21.03.09 Since a couple of days ago on OSCE Youtube channel you've been able to find the video devoted to the anti human-trafficking campaign supported by Ruslana. Now the video is suited to larger audience, as the texts are also available in English in the video description. >>

17.03.09 A Ruslana Test, created by fans, is now available in Extra Wild" section >>

17.03.09 At the moment Ruslana's "Wild Dances" is leading in the sms voting for the best song from Tavria Games. Thank you for the support! See the results from the voting on the webpage of "Tavria Games". >>

15.03.09 Let's see how much we have helped Ruslana in her fight against audio-piracy. >>

According to the current results of the previous poll, the highest percentage of you have been Ruslana fans for 5-6 years.

09.03.09 Ruslana participated in the action Stop Violence to Women, which took place at the central square in Kyiv on 7th March. >>

08.03.09 Sunday, 8th March, Ruslana will participate in the Ukrainian National Final for Eurovision song. You can watch it online at 18:00h EET on or

08.03.09 Fans from Latvia, you can now find a page devoted to Ruslana and your country in the National Fan Clubs section. >>

07.03.09 On 1st March Ruslana participated in the shooting of a 35-minute documentary for the Netherlands television Dutch Public Television. >>

06.03.09 In this week's poll, you can tell other fans for how long you've been a fan of Ruslana. >>

Currently, the winner in the previous poll is the "Wild Energy" CD cover (25%), followed by the "Wild Dances" CD cover (16%).

02.03.09 Wild_olchyk, member of RuslanaTube team, with the great help of Olena Soltysyak, prepared a nice spring surpirise for all Ruslana fans, and especially the foreign ones. Watch the film "Ruslana.Amazon" in fifteen parts on RuslanaTube channel, now with subtitles in English. The whole text of the movie is also shared here in the fan club site. >>

27.02.09 Today, a press conference devoted to audio piracy took place in the Informational Agency RBK Ukraine. Ruslana as well as many other Ukrainian artists and producers participated in the discussion. >>

26.02.09 Here comes poll No. 3: Which, according to you, is the best CD cover of all Ruslana's albums and singles available so far? >>

After a week of voting in the previous poll, the duet with Missy Eliot - "The Girl That Rules", is the absolute leader with 75 % of the votes.

25.02.09 RuslanaTube is preparing a special surprise for 1st March.

22.02.09 Morozz, a fanclub and forum member from Russia, has spent a lot of effort creating his new fan site entirely devoted to Ruslana. Enjoy an original web design and wild features on

Morozz, thank you for your creative and wild idea in supporting Ruslana!

21.02.09 After their release in Ukraine, the Ruslana's Christmas DVDs are available on for international ordering. The tracklists can be found in"Discography" on the main site. See links for direct ordering

18.02.09 News from the Official Ruslana forum >>

18.02.09 Take part in our new poll - a duel between "Moon of Dreams" (featuring T-Pain) and "The Girl That Rules" (featuring Missy Elliot) >>

15.02.09 Ruslana was a special guest at the Polish National Final for ESC song 2009 on 14th February. >>

12.02.09 Currently the results of our very first poll are: >>

12.02.09 On 14th February Ruslana is going to be a special guest at the Polish National ESC Final 2009.


10.02.09 The section Polls is now open. The first poll is about your favourite costume of Ruslana. Be wild and have fun!>>

06.02.09 See a new photo gallery on the main site.

05.02.09 Olena Soltysyak is promoting Ruslana on radio stations. >>

05.02.09 Please vote for Ruslana and her clip Silent Angel on the website of Galaradio. Click on "" next to " ". Thank you for your support! >>

31.01.09 A press conference, organised by Nashe Radio and the European Union, took place yesterday. >>

31.01.09 See Ruslana's speech at Slavik Shuster's show from yesterday at anytime on RuslanaTube. >>

30.01.09 You can watch Ruslana live in Shusters show tonight at 21:25 h.EET. Watch Online

27.01.09 The Official Fanclub gives you another opportunity for getting active. After the idea first originated in the Spanish and Polish fanclubs, now we have also prepared flyers for you to use in your promoting Ruslana activities. >>

26.01.09 New feature on Ruslana's main site! Now you can listen to samples from her albums in the Discography section.

22.01.09 Hey, wild! Have you ever felt like discussing the freshest news about Ruslana with other wild fans? We invite you to our wild and always active forum! >>

20.01.09 Join a wild competition on the Polish fan site and win the CD "Amazonka". All artworks will be posted also on this page of the International Fanclub site. Read more >>

18.01.09 Watch photos from this New Yaer's event on

17.01.09 Read an interview with Ruslana about the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV. Wild thanks to wild_olchyk for providing the text. >>

16.01.09 YouTube presents a brand new feature! You can now support RuslanaTube by posting part of the channel itself on your own webpage or blog. Get the code and learn more >>

14.01.09 Listen to the two new and some old wild remixes by DJ Small on his MySpace site.

09.01.09 Listen to high quality remixes of "Moon Of Dreams" and "Vohon Chy Lid" (Fire Or Ice ) while browsing Ruslana's main site. Visit now.

07.01.09 Today at 22:00 on TET TV-Channel and tomorrow at 12:00 the music film "Christmas with Ruslana", made in 1998, will be broadcast You can watch it on-line. Read more >>

06.01.09 Download exclusively "Vohon Chy Lid", in Energy Show. Have a wild energy download. >>

06.01.09 We remind you to vote on Viva magazine's site. Support Ruslana by choosing her for the most beautiful woman in Ukraine. Thank you! We can vote once every day. My Budemo Pershi! >>

04.01.09 You can watch Ruslana's New Year performance on RuslanaTube. Find an exclusive song -a remix of "Wild Dances" music and "Vodohray"'s lyrics. >>

01.01.09 Happy New Year 2009! We wish you much happines and dreams come true for the next year. Make Ruslana's formula of success-Love and be loved"- your own! You can now surprise your friends by ordering the book Wild Energy.Lana on which Ruslana's project Wild Energy is based even internationally! The book is available on together with how to order information (in Ukrainian only).

28.12.08 Dear Ruslana, happy wedding anniversary! You can congratulate Ruslana in the created for the occasion topic in the Official forum. >>

28.12.08 On 26th December, 2008 Ruslana visited Bulgaria as a guest in "Slavi's Show". >>

24.12.08 We want to wish you a Merry and Wild Christmas! Christmas full of happiness, warmth and Ruslana's music! >>

23.12.08 Watch an interview with Ruslana in two parts on RuslanaTube. Ruslana in Russia, 24.10.08 - Part one and part two. The text of the interview (in Russian) and photos are available here.

22.12.08 On Decemmber 19, Ruslana took part in a concert devoted to the Day of Police. >>

19.12.08 Merry wild Christmas with RuslanaTube! Enjoy your channel's new background and weekly uploads >>

17.12.08 Let's make December wild! Download Wild Dances concert in the Energy Show section. You can find all latest Fan Club downloads also in the respective RuslanaTube's playlist.

14.12.08 Another wild opportunity to vote for Ruslana and her videoclip Vogon' chy lid is waiting at website. Please tick " - " and click the button "." Thank you! >>

Find photos from Ruslana's latest duet with Slavi Trifonov on his website >>

12.12.08 On December 11th Ruslana visited Sofia to sing in a duet with the famous showman Slavi Trifonov. >>

11.12.08 Please help Ruslana in a voting for the most beautiful woman in Ukraine. Vote on the site of Viva Magazine. Find Ruslana ( ) and click " ". You can vote only once per day till the end of December. Thank you for your support! >>

11.12.08 Ten years ago Ruslanas Ukrainian fan club gathered for the first time. Do you want to know what happened during all that time and what are the fans doing now? Watch a short movie about the All-Ukrainian fan club by Galya Gorishna. Available in Ukrainiane only, on RuslanaTV.

10.12.08 Ruslana in Bulgaria >>

10.12.08 In "Energy Show" section download a private recording of renner66. There you will find "Hey Go With Me" and several other songs performed in Germany on 26.06.05, as well as "Svitanok" from 24.06.06 >>

09.12.08 Don't miss the photos from Ruslana's latest concert in Kyiv, Time Out club, 06.12.08 >>

05.12.08 Have a look at Wild PSV's photos from Ruslana's Wild Energy tour >>

05.12.08 The Fan club prepared a screensaver for you! It contains Ruslana's best photos 2004-2008, chosen by Ruslana herself, as well as some more. You can download it in "Other Wild Extras" >>

01.12.08 Enjoy all contributions for the little banner competition in our art section. Thank you all for participating, for your remarkable creativity and effort!

The banner we found to be the most suitable is Alex_Angel's. You can already see it online.

29.11.08 The first officialy released Ruslana's DVD is now available for international ordering! Many of her videoclips and making of videos can be bought on where you will find also the tracklist. >>

28.11.08 Tomorrow watch Ruslana live on TRK Ukraine at 22.15h EET.


26.11.08 On November 24 Ruslana performed in Harkiv, where an hour before the show, she had a press conference, sharing more about her new album and the specific ideas of the Wild Energy show. >>

24.11.08 Exclusively on the fan-site - Ruslana's newest video clip for download only. Find the Ukrainian and English versions - Dikiy Angel (Wild Angel) and Silent Angel. >>

23.11.08 Ruslana presents her new video "Silent Angel". It's much more different than everything you have seen so far and her aura, as usual, makes the clip unique and magical. Watch the high-quality English and Ukrainian versions exclusively on RuslanaTube.

23.11.08 Winter is here and we decided to relate our Fan Club banner to the current season and events. Help us and get wild! >>

23.11.08 The next concert within the frames of the All-Ukrainian tour was in Poltava on 21st November. >>

21.11.08 After the Wild Energy albums presentation on November 17, the All-Ukrainian tour started. >>

19.11.08 The presentation of Ruslana's recently released album "Wild Energy" took place on November 17th in club "Oasis" at 20:00h EET. >>

16.11.08 Watch many fan recordings from Ruslana's latest visit to Canada on the second and third pages of the Canadian playlist on RuslanaTube channel. Keep up the great work!

16.11.08 Read the authentic story of DikaDomino who visited Ruslana's last concert in Canada. The singer let her fans even sing together with her. >>

In Your Texts you can also find beautiful poems by 007.

14.11.08 At this very moment Ruslana is in Canada, presenting her new Wild Energy show. The funds from the copies of her newest album "Wild Energy" sold in Canada will be donated to the victims of this year's terrible floods in Western Ukraine.

07.11.08 In 2004 Ruslana had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a wild competition in Fort Boyard. RuslanaTube presents you with videos from the event. >>

04.11.08 Please vote for the song Vogon' Chy Lid on the webpage of Galaradio. Click "" next to " ." Thank you! >>

03.11.08 RuslanaTube proudly presents the new Ruslana's videoclip Vogon' Chy Lid. If available, a video of a better quality will be uploaded later. >>

03.11.08 Now you can watch a short video, donated from RuslanaTube to the fan-club site. Ruslana and her dancers improvising Moon Of Dreams during the Amazonka tour this summer. >>

01.11.08 The long awaited premiere of "Vohon Chy Lid" (Fire Or Ice) video is here! On 2nd November watch it online at 19:00h EET on M1 TV channel.

31.10.08 Happy Birthday, dear fan-club!!! >>

30.10.08 Tomorrow from 9:00 to 10:00 Ukrainian time Ruslana will be in "Nashe Radio" broadcast. Listen to the stream online >>

30.10.08 RuslanaTube shares her unique photos from the Amazonka Tour in Sumferopol and Dnipropetrovsk. RuslanaTube, thank you! >>

29.10.08 Tanya Kozariz has taken her own photos in the TV-show "Star Factory" where Ruslana sang together with Boris Aprel. They're waiting for you in Your concert photos section . >>

28.10.08 Ruslana's fan Alex__Angel has prepared an extended version of the Fan Club project in support of Ruslana's anti-piracy campaign, based on the book Wild Energy.Lana. Thank you! Russian version available only. >>

26.10.08 Watch the excellent video of IvanovIvan inspired by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko's book "Wild Energy.Lana". >>

26.10.08 On Monday, at 7:15h, a voting on which version of the song Silent Angel/Wild Angel you like more, is starting. You can make a choice on


23.10.08 From 12.11 to 15.11 Ruslana is giving a Wild Energy promo-concert in Canada. The funds from the "Wild Energy" CDs sold in Canada will be donated to the victims of this year's floods in Western Ukraine.

Source: RuslanaTV

22.10.08 The next Ruslana's Tour is round the corner!

(For changes check the main site)

12.11.08 - 15.11.08 - Canada, promo visit.

13.11.08 - Mississauga, Canada. Wild Energy show in Living Art Centre.

14.11.08 - Montreal, Canada. Wild Energy show in Theatre Outremont

Ukrainian Tour

19.11.08 - Cherkasy. Recreation centre "Druzhby narodiv" at 19:00h EET.

20.11.08 - Krementchuk. City culture centre at 19:00h EET.

21.11.08 - Poltava. KKZ "Diskopad" at 19:00h EET.

24.11.08 - Harkov. Academic Theatre Of Oera And Ballet at 19:00h EET.

26.11.08 - Ternopil. Recreation centre "Berezil'" at 19:00h EET.

27.11.08 - Vinnytsya. The House of Officers at 19:00h EET.

28.11.08 - Lutsk. Cinema "Promin'" at 19:00h EET.

30.11.08 - Kherson. Cinema oncert Hall "Uvilejnyj" at 19:00h EET.

03.12.08 - Sumy. The Schepkins' Theatre of Drama and omedy at 19:00h EET. >>

20.10.08 What do you think about Ruslana's new album? >>

17.10.08 The Fan club prepared a project in support of Ruslanas anti-piracy campaign. This is giving you an opportunity to take a part in the wild game where you can influence the plot yourself! Will you manage to help Ruslana to let her concert to take a part and break down effort of the people who are trying to stop it and sell here burned CDs instead of that? Start by the point one. Good luck! >>

15.10.08 RuslanaTube Productions presents a video for a song "The Girl That Rules" featuring american rapstar Missy Elliott from the new world released album "Wild Energy" >>

12.10.08 According to several internet sources, the Wild Energy album was released in Ukraine and many other countries! Check promotion video on RuslanaTV >>

09.10.08 If you don't have the possibility to watch it on TV, you can see Slavik Shuster's show with Ruslana online. For more informations please see the previous article.

08.10.08 Ruslana will appear on the TV channel TRK "Ukraine", in Savik Shuster's show programme, in deffence of the Ukrainian artists' intellectual rights. This will happen on October 10th, 21:30h EET.


04.10.08 A new puzzle has come! >>

02.10.08 Ruslana performed at the celebration for the Day Of Establishment Of The Korean Nation, which, yesterday, took place in Kyiv. >>

01.10.08 The section "Fan Club Meetings" now contains more photos from Zaporizhzhya Fan Club, who visited an art museum and enjoyed their time together >>

01.10.08 See fan-videos from the Sibiu concert on RuslanaTube's playlist, as well as older rare videos from Dubai. (There are two videos on the previous page)

30.09.08 The test, made by fans several days ago, was left without right answers. Now you can take a look and find out if you knew them. Find the test, do it and only then visit the right answers which were taken out of the test to not tempt you. Learn many interresting things about Ruslana by the right test answers now >>

29.09.08 Dear fans, now you can see where the pieces of the puzzle were hidden. >>

28.09.08 Having finished the shooting of the new video, Ruslana took off for Romania, where, on 27th September, she performed at the musical festival in Sibiu. >>

27.09.08 There were not many photos from the concert in Brashov, Romania so far. See exclusive photos taken by Ankutzik. (Updated!) >>

26.09.08 Dear fans, Ruslana Test No.1 appeared in our Fan Club site not long ago. Now you can enjoy the test which was made by you! Ruslana's official forum gave you the opportunity to go for it. Thank you all for the contributions and enjoy your wild time with the test. Good luck! >>

24.09.08 Many people became victims of the terrible floods in Ukraine this year and they will need aids for at least another half an year. >>

22.09.08 Watch a high quality video about making of the videoclip Vogon' chy lid on >>

See also a meeting of the fans from Zapporizhya Fan Club(with photos) >>

21.09.08 Do you visit Youtube and do you have a profile there? If so then you can join Ruslana's group on this server. Let's make the largest Ruslana's community. Welcome! >>

Also please vote for Ruslana in traditional votings in the websites of radios, and Thank you for your support!

21.09.08 Dear supporters, the Guide for active fans now contains much more suggestions how you can support Ruslana! If you wish to go wild, read more >>

20.09.08 An event, organized every year by Gala Radio and visited by many celebrities, businessmen and politicians, took place on 19th September in one of the Kyiv theatres. >>

18.09.08 Yesterday Ruslana was at Savik Shusters talk show, where she commented her entering and resigning from the Ukrainian parliament.

16.09.08 Visit the "Energy Show" section now and download a teaser for Ruslana's upcomming videoclip Vogon' Chy Lid. The video is made of moments from Ruslana's concerts, as well as wild elements like fire, the breaking of an ice block and more! Feel free to use and spread this teaser! You can upload it to your national videosites and help ptomoting Ruslana, or share its wildness with friends. >>

13.09.08 Wild activity in Poland! Our fan club and forum member Kozi is promoting Ruslana in a wild way! >>

12.09.08 Yesterday Ruslana shot the video of Vohon chy Lid( Fire or Ice), a song from her album Amazonka. >>

11.09.08 The shooting of a video for the song "Vohon Chy Lid" ("Fire or Ice") was finished! >>

09.09.08 The long awaited international release of the new album "Wild Energy" will come true on October 10th this year.

More >>

09.09.08 Please vote for Ruslana on this Czech website. This is a duel between her and Ani Lorak. Every vote will help. Click the "Ruslana," next to the percentage diagram. Thank you!

09.09.08 Enjoy a photogallery by RuslanaTube, who was at several concerts from Ruslana's all-Ukrainian tour "Amazonka". >>

08.09.08. Exclusive on the fanclubsite now: Find, and wildly enjoy official lyrics from Ruslanas upcoming album "Wild Energy! >>

07.09.08 The next concert, in Brashov, Romania took place yesterday. You can watch a short preview from the concert on There Ruslana is saying: "Hi! I'm Ruslana and you're watching TVR, one of the best TV channels in the world!" Read more >>

05.09.08 Another wild voting for Ruslana is in Radio Olsztyn. Tick "Ruslana feat. T-Pain - Moon Of Dreams" and click on "Głosuj" under the text. Thank you! >>

04.09.08 Dear fans, Wild Energy is comming soon! You can find a preview on Canadian iTunes site with demos for download. There is also a fan-made Youtube promotion video with short samples from each song. See what Ruslana's wildness is?

04.09.08 We're reminding you about Ruslana's performance in Romania. >>

03.09.08 Another game is waiting for you! Are you ready to participate in a wild quest? More >>

02.09.08 An Extra wild feature is prepaired for you in the section Other wild extras. You can do the test and find how much you know about our Ruslana. Enjoy the game! >>

01.09.08 Today Ruslana congratulated the students of the Kyiv Natioal University "T.G. Shevchenko" on the new academic year. >>

31.08.08 Fan's translation of the song Marichka provided by Ruthen is waiting for you. Many thanks! >>

28.08.08 Please vote for Ruslana in Nashe radio. Tick and click "" Thank you! >>

Vote also in the Polish radio Bolesławiec by clicking "+" next to RUSLANA & T-PAIN - MOON OF DREAMS. In the following page confirm your voting by clicking "Głosuję." >>

25.08.08 Watch a recording of Ruslana's concert from yesterday (Ukraine's day of independence). >>

25.08.08 On the day of Independence of Ukraine Ruslana performed on the Square of Independence in Kyiv. >>

24.08.08 On 23th August Ruslana performed at the biggest festival in Poland, "Sopot International Song Festival". >>

22.08.08 On August 24, the day of independence of Ukraine, Ruslana is presenting a new concert show on The Square of Independence in Kyiv.

22.08.08 On the 20th of August Ruslana performed in Beijing within "Days of Ukraine." >>

21.08.08 Sandra, the president of the highly active fan club in Spain, as well as many other fans, are promoting Ruslana in various ways. See more >>

21.08.08 Theese days were really wild. Ruslana's fans in Ukraine met her several times at concerts and took a lot of photos not only from concerts, but also from their meetings. Now you can see all the happy moments on the fan site.

20.08.08 Find the first photos from a fan club meeting on our site! Ruslana's fans in Dnipropetrovsk met her, gave her flowers and much more! >>

18.08.08 In Zaporozhie Ruslana performed the last concert from her Ukrainian tour. >>

18.08.08 August, 15th Ruslana sang in Dnipropetrovsk, after she had spent some time in Miami, working on her new project. >>

12.08.08 On the 5th of September Ruslana is going to perform in Brashov, Romania. >>

12.08.08 Yesterday Ruslana went to Miami to work on her new songs. On the 13th of August she is organizing a meeting, aiming at receiving aids for the victims of the floods in Western Ukraine.


11.08.08 Find photos of fans from yesterday's autograph session here. The photos are provided by our fan club members and friends Wild Dances and wild_olchyk.

Members of the Kyiv fan club at the autograph session within Garnier's action.

11.08.08 Yesterday an autograph session with Ruslana took place in the shoping centre "Magelan" as part of the promotion for Garnier. >>

10.08.08 On 6th and 7th August Ruslana visited again the areas in Western Ukraine affected by the floods. >>

08.08.08 Did you miss Ruslana's concert from Belarus, which was broadcast yesterday? The next opportunity for you to watch it is tomorrow at 2:50 a.m. EET (09.08.08) on this link. Or watch her it at anytime here.

08.08.08 There will be an autograph session with Ruslana as part of an event by Garnier. It will take place on the 10th of August at 10:00h in the "Magelan" shopping centre, Kyiv, Akademik Glushkov, 13-B.


07.08.08 Hey, wild! Watch Ruslana's performance at Slavyanskiy Bazar, Vitebsk, Belarus (15.07.08) today on UT1 TV at 19:10 EET! >>

06.08.08 Ruslana is supporting a campaign, helping the victims of the floods in Western Ukraine. Everybody can contribute. Please, help Ukraine! >>

06.08.08 You can now vote for Ruslana in several Polish charts. Thank you for supporting Ruslana! >>

05.08.08 On the 3rd of August Ruslana performed at the final selection of Miss Poland 2008, which took place in Plotsk, 100km away from Warsaw. >>

03.08.08 More wild fan's photos from Odessa, 01.08.08 in Your Wild Land

02.08.08 More fan's photos are available, this time provided by Veselochka. Enjoy her photos from Odessa, 01.08.2008, press conference and concert >>

31.07.08 Ruslana is helping the victims of the horrible floods in Western Ukraine. Listen to her appeal here (only in Ukrainian) (click " "). More >>

30.07.08 New fan's photos from the Ukrainian Amazonka Tour Find Kvitoslava's photos from the Ivano-Frankivs'k concert in the section "Your wild pictures with Ruslana's team and from her concerts" >>

27.07.08 Exclusive photos: Ruslana and German rock star Peter Maffay at Ruslana's music school in L'viv, 1 March 2006 >>

24.07.08 We remind you about the joint videomix with Ruslana-related videos. You have one week to send us your video. >>

24.07.08 Today it is 89 days since we started leading Ruslana's fanclub. We want to express our gratitude to all friends, who are helping and supporting us! >>

22.07.08 Go wild voters! Please vote for Ruslana during another voting period.

A new possibility to vote for her is on the already known site Log in, tick and click .

Find more available votings. Thank you! >>

22.07.08 Ruslana performed at a big concert in Dneprodzerzhinsk. Apart from her bands from Russia and Moldova appeared. >>

22.07.08 On the 18th of July Ruslana performed in Alchevsk, a region of Lugansk. She was the first to appear on stage and it was a pleasant surprise for her to feel the warm welcome and drive of the audience who danced and sang during the whole performance. >>

21.07.08 Have you ever experienced the wildest thing in your life - a Ruslana concert? Read more >>

21.07.08 Dear fans, we are giving you a special opportunity to share your photos from fan club meetings you organised or you've been to, or simply photos with other Ruslana fans. Just share your wilderness with us! >>

19.07.08 Ruslana in Mariupol The next concert of Ruslana's Amazonka tour across Ukraine took place in Mariupol, 17 July. >>

18.07.08 Enjoy Ruslana's answer at the L'viv press conference, 12 July 2008 to one of the questions regarding never released tracks! Read more >>

17.07.08 On Tuesday, 15 July, Ruslana sang in Belarus >>

15.07.08 What fans said about the start of Ruslanas Ukrainian tour in L'viv: The concert amazed us not only by the songs and costumes, but also by strong emotionsl >>

15.07.08 A spectacular Ruslana concert from her Amazonka tour took place on the 12th of July in her native city Lviv. At 12:00 h, Ukrainian time, she gave an online press conference. Journalists from all over Ukraine could ask their questions online. >>

14.07.08 Hey, Wild! Do you want us to know who you are? If yes, send us your photo, and (if you wish) name/nickname and country and we will upload it here. >>

10.07.08 The Fan Club site is growing! We oppened a new special section for your texts. Share with us your wild poems snd other texts about Ruslana, your feelings and experience from concerts or whatever you wish! >>

10.07.08 Details about Ruslana's tour

Lviv - 12 July 2008, Saturday, Square in front of the Glory Monument 8:00 p.m.

Vitebsk - Belarus - 15 July 2008, Slavianskiy Bazar festival

Mariupol - 17 July 2008, Thursday, Peremogy Square, Ordzhonikidz District, 8:00 p.m.

Alchevsk, Luganskaya (region) - 18 July 2008, concert

Harkovskaya (region) - 19 July 2008, "Pechenezhskoe pole" festival

Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovskaya (region) - 20 July 2008, concert

Ivano - Frankivsk - 26 July 2008, Saturday, Vichevy Square, 8:00 p.m.

Odessa - 01 August 2008, Saturday, Square in front of the Archaeology Museum, 8:00 p.m.

Simferopol - 09 August 2008, Saturday, Lenin Square, 8:00 p.m.

Dnipropetrovsk - 15 August 2008, Friday, Lenin Embankment, 8:00 p.m.

Zaporizhzhia -17 August 2008, Sunday, Festival Square, 7:00 p.m.

Beijin - China - 19 August 2008, Wild Energy show

Sopot - Poland - 23 August 2008, Sopot festival

27.06.08 Would you get wild once again? Let's make a videomix for Ruslana! Read more >>

27.06.08 Vote for you favourite song from "Amazonka" Vote by clicking the heart next to each song

26.06.08 Don't stop! My budemo pershi!(We will be first!) >>

19.06.08 Get Wild! Take Ruslana to the top! Read more >>

16.06.08 Ruslana will make a videoclip of her song " " ("Fire or Ice")! In her blog she's asking for your ideas about this song! Read more >>

12.06.08 Please vote for Ruslana at and Tick (Ruslana) and click "" (vote). Thank you!

06.06.08 Please support Ruslana again in the Slovak voting! Tick "Ruslana and T Pain - Moon of Dreams" and click on "klikni a daj hlas skladbe". Thank you for your support! >>

01.06.08 Please vote for Ruslana in the Romanian TOP 100 Singles Chart. Voting starts every week again. Just click "vote" next to the title RUSLANA & T - PAIN - Moon of dreams. Thank you for your support! >>

29.05.08 To all wild fans! >>

24.05.08 Happy birthday, Ruslana from your international fans! Read more (Updated!) >>

22.05.08 Find exclusive wild photos from the Tavria Games Festival rehearsal, 03.05.08 >>

19.05.08 Stunning Ruslana's performance live in Belgrade on May, 16! Find wild videos on RuslanaTube's channel.

14.05.08 Another opportunity for you to show your creativity! >>

09.05.08 The best Ruslana's photos from 2004 to 2008, chosen by Ruslana herself >>

06.05.08 Fans' translations of the lyrics of the Amazonka album in English and Russian. Enjoy! >>

05.05.08 Ruslana at "Tavria Games". Find more on RuslanaTube's channel.

02.05.08 New design of the main Ruslana's site has been launched! Check online shop and much more! >>

01.05.08 Watch Ruslana's concert on Tavria Games which will be broadcast on TV and online! >>

30.04.08 Help the fanclub site! >>

30.04.08 Ruslana needs your support once again! An important Spanish musical TV channel, 'Sol Música', has organized a video competition through MySpace. Moon of Dreams video clip has been sent to the competition. >>

28.04.08 Ruslana about audio piracy >>

27.04.08 Exclusive photos of Ruslana at a private concert in Kyiv, April 2008 >>

27.04.08 New exclusive photo gallery

The Official fan club presents you the original photos and

artwork from the Amazonka album and photo session for you to use for your

own creative artwork. You are always welcome to send us your artwork for

publication on this site. >>

26.04.08 Enjoy beautiful Ruslana in the exclusive photo gallery about making of Moon of Dreams videoclip! >>

04.04.08 View and download the new English version of the Moon of Dreams video and eight of Ruslana's previous videos. >>

26.03.08 Banner for your website >>

20.03.08 Exclusively on Rare photos you definitely have not seen before! Also we have added a download function for enlarged photos. Enjoy! >>

15.03.08 Official Amazonka lyrics >>

13.03.08 Enjoy an exclusive photo gallery of Ruslana at the German Eurovision national selection! >>

10.03.08 Poll for the best Eurovision song! Please help to vote for Ruslana! >>

09.03.08 Premiere of the new video clip ³ " (Moon of Dreams) feat. T-Pain >>

08.03.08 The amazon is coming! Ruslana's new fantasy album


02.03.08 The winner of our banner design competition is wespecz from Czech Republic! Congratulations! Many really fantastic, creative and original designs were submitted. It was a very difficult decision for the jury Yana, Jenia and Cora. But only one had to be chosen as the basis for the new banner. All designs can be viewed in the section "Competitions". A very big thank you to everyone who has taken part!

29.02.08 The Ukrainian version of Ruslana's new album Amazonka will be in the shops in Ukraine soon. Watch out for it during the first days of spring.

28.02.08 Exclusively on some of the official lyrics from the English version of Ruslana's new album Wild Energy, provided by Ruslana herself! >>

22.02.08 Fan club members wespecz and FilCZ from Czech Republic are doing a great job to support Ruslana in their country. Read more >>

19.02.08 Competition! Design a new banner for our official fan club site! >>

18.02.08 Ruslana will perform at the Bulgarian Eurovision national selection in Sofia on 23 February. >>

17.02.08 Thanks to your support Ruslana was voted best female singer on with 352 votes = 23.45 %. That's a magnificent result! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this. Now this permanent poll has restarted. This means your help is needed again. >>

16.02.08 Premiere of the video of Moon of Dreams, feat. T-Pain - coming soon! Watch teaser >>

07.02.08 Brand new songs, stunning costumes and a magnificent performance - that's Ruslana's Wild Energy Show. Watch the premiere performance from Baku, Azerbaijan in our Energy Show. A free download is available exclusively for fan club members. >>

24.01.08 Ruslana will perform at the German Eurovision final in Hamburg, 6 March 2008.

24.01.08 Watch Ruslana's world premiere of her Wild Energy show live on! The show will be presented at the Azerbaijani National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Baku on 2 February 2008 at 17:30-20:30 CET or 16:30-19:30 GMT.

19.01.08 Ruslana will perform at the Belarus National Final for ESC 2008 which is broadcast live from the Belarus capital Minsk on 21 January at 21:45 by Belarus TV and The First Russian TV channel.

19.01.08 As a member of the official fan club you had the exclusive opportunity to ask Ruslana your personal question. Now Ruslana's answers to all your questions are online. >>

17.01.08 Some previously unpublished photos from the charity tour in Germany. Enjoy! >>

08.01.08 Please help with another voting >>

05.01.08 Read the first part of Ruslana's answers to your questions.

The second part will follow soon. >>

30.12.07 Announcement

Watch Ruslana on two Ukrainian music TV programs: "Smishni Pisni Pro Golovne" (January, 1, 1+1 channel, 00.00) and Uliubleni Pisni Mynulogo Stolittia (January, 3, First National channel, 21.25).

24.12.07 Season's greetings from Ruslana and Oleksander Ksenofontov. Click on the picture below.

22.12.07 Enjoy the new exclusive photos of Ruslana live in Kyiv. >>

21.12.07 NEW! RuslanaTube, the platform for all Ruslana videos, including Ruslana's new video "My budem pershi".

15.12.07 Announcement: December, 16 watch the gala concert of the Ukrainian TV show "Stars Factory" with Ruslana. (Novyi channel, 19:30).

03.12.07 On 6th December Ruslana will present on Ukrainian TV a brand new song from her upcoming album. "My Budemo Pershi" is the Ukrainian version of the song "New Energy Generation". The music project "Zirky v Armii" (Stars in the Army) is broadcast by TV channel 1+1 on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 22.15 (Kyiv time).

30.11.07 Questions to Ruslana session open now! >>

26.11.07 Vote for Ruslana on esctoday. >>

21.11.07 Exclusive photos of Ruslana at a rehearsal. >>

19.11.07 Your help is needed for another poll. >>

13.11.07 Enjoy the new photos of Ruslana at a photo session. >>

06.11.07 Please vote for Ruslana as best singer. >>

31.10.07 New Official international Fan Club launched today

Welcome to our new international fan club with a brand new design, lots of wild features and new leadership. We will do our best to make the fan club exciting, enjoyable and active. But its success depends also on you. Your input is needed to build a lively and wild community. So, let's have fun together! Let's build a strong worldwide community. Let's support Ruslana. Join us today. The former fan club does not exist anymore. If you were a member of, please register here again.

12.03.07 Results of WE action, Autumn-Winter 2006-2007 >>

Wild Energy Action >>

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