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Jek, Ukraine


Alina i Arina from Moldova, Ukraine

Odessa, 03.01.04

Kyiv, 17.05.05

Olena, Ukraine

Ulyana Chaban, Ukraine

Ternopil, 23.05.09

nedalex, Romania

Sumy, 03.12.08

WILD PSV, Ukraine, Kherson

Ankutzik, Romania

Brashov 05.09.08

Dalia, Ukraine, Zaporozhe

Dalia, Dnepropetrovsk

wild_olchyk, Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk 16.08.08

Kiev. 10.08.08

Lviv. 12.07.08

Anton, President of the All Ukrainian Fan Club, at Tavria Games 2008

Doru met Ruslana in Bucharest, Romania on May 24, 2008 on her birthday

Savar and Ruslana before a concert in Lugansk (2003)

This are Dasha and Ruslana in Zaporizhia in March 2005.

Following photos were provided by Kvitoslava: Photo 1 and 2 were taken in Kyiv during Ruslana's University tour on 22 March 2006. Photos 3 and 4 are from the fan meeting with Ruslana in Kyiv on 25 September 2005.

Farid Tuayev, Ruslana, Maksud Tuayev. Baku, Azerbajan, 02 February 2008

Vika from Donetsk and Ruslana in the Carpathians in summer 2007.

Rita from Lugansk provided these photos which were taken on 21th December 2003.

Alexandru from Romania, 28.10.2007

Khrystyna Chorniy, New York, 08.12.2006

This photo of Svitlana from Sumy was taken on 29 July 2007 before Ruslana's concert in Yaremche.

Maks, head of the Ruslana fan club in Mikolaiv. The photo was taken on 29 July 2007 in the Carpathian Mountains.

Dimitrij from Kharkov sent us this photo. It was taken in Kharkov, September 2006 after the press-conference and before the fair Ruslana was singing at in the Kharkov region.