Fan Meetings

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15.03.10 Chernivtsi fan club, Ukraine

08.08.09 The Wishart Hopak Dancers who like Ruslana very much were very excited that she appeared in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. Ruslana kindly took the time to take a picture with them during the parade. The dance group would like to share it with her and with all of you.

04.12.08 Ruslana in Herson, 30.11.08, Ukraine, tanya_kozariz:

01.10.08 Zaporizhzhya fan club, Ukraine, tanya_kozariz:

22.09.08 Zaporizhzhya fan club, Ukraine

28.08.08 Kyiv fan club, 24.08.08

26.08.08 tanya_kozariz, Ukraine

Simpferopol, 09.08.08

Dnepropetrovsk, 15-16.08.08

Zaporozhia, 17.08.08

21.08.08 makcsik, Ukraine

Odessa, press-conference

Before the concert

Dnipropetrovsk, autograph session

Zaporozhie, autograph session

21.08.08 Wild Tarik, Ukraine

20.08.08 Ruslana's fans in Dnipropetrovsk met her, gave her flowers and much more!

11.08.08 Members of the Kyiv fan club at the autograph session within Garnier's action, 10.08.08