Guide for active fans to promote Ruslana

1. Spread Ruslana's videos as much as possible. There are other websites than YouTube, where you can upload videos. Use the large collection of Ruslana videos which we are providing in the section "Energy Show" for your upload on national video sites. Thank you!

A great example is the RuslanaTube channel on You can also join Ruslana groups of users where users with the same interrest can register (or you are free to set up a Ruslana group yourself if it doesn't exist) if your selected videosite supports this activity. A typical Ruslana group is on the server (Czech language only).

Please also support our original wild RuslanaTube on YouTube. You can support it by subscription, add as a friend or donate your own video of Ruslana. Videos will only be accepted if they are original and have not yet been published on YouTube.

2. Promote Ruslana in your city by hanging posters made by yourself in your native language on places where it is allowed. The activities of the Spanish and Polish fan clubs can serve as an example for your own ideas.

3. Set up and run your own Ruslana fansite! Highly useful is especially to run it in your own language but you can go for it in any language, of course. You help Ruslana in the best way, if you spread only confirmed information which you'll find on Ruslana's main site or Ruslana's fan club site.

If you're already running a Ruslana fansite or if you have actively run it for more than two months, please contact us and give us the link to your website. We will add it in the contact section of the fan club!

4. Banner for your website

5. Promoting Ruslana on music forums

  • Use a search engine like to find music forums. Example for key words to search: music, forum etc. Key words must be in your native language.
  • Post a Ruslana biography in your native language, supported with some Ruslana pictures. You can translate and use the sample at the end of this page.
  • Post a topic called "Ruslana pictures", which includes the most fascinating Ruslana photos. This topic should be just for pictures.
  • Post Ruslana's song lyrics if there is a section for it.
  • Some forums allow to open a fan club topic. In this way you can get in contact with other fans.
  • Your promotions shouldn't look like an advertisement. Otherwise they can be removed by the forum moderators or admin of the forum.
  • Please do not use any illegal material to promote Ruslana.

6. Promoting Ruslana in other places on internet

  • There are many places to promote Ruslana on the internet, other than forums. For example, you can prepare a page for about Ruslana in your native language.
  • Find internet music encyclopedias of your country. Check, if they got information on Ruslana. If not, write to the editor and offer your help with text and pictures.

7. Promoting Ruslana outsite the internet

  • Write to TV channels/programmes informing them about Ruslana's Wild Energy project, asking them to invite Ruslana.
  • Write to radio channels/programmes informing them about Ruslana's Wild Energy project, asking them to play Ruslana.
  • Write to print media, especially music magazines, informing them about Ruslana's Wild Energy project, asking them to write about Ruslana.
  • If you see/hear any article, TV/radio programme with Ruslana, write to the editor saying thank you and asking for more Ruslana.


to be used in music forums


- Singer

- Composer

- Producer

- Pianist

- Symphonic orchestra conductor

- UNICEF Good Will Ambassador


Ruslana Stepanivna Lyzhichko was born in L'viv, a regional center in Western Ukraine. Already at the age of four the microphone was her favourite toy. She learnt the notes earlier than the letters. She studied at an experimental music school and sang in a band. Her brightest childhood memories are connected to her experiences on stage. It was then when it was determined for sure that she will dedicate all of her life to music. When Ruslana graduated from the conservatory, she obtained two educational qualifications in the field of music as a piano player and a symphonic orchestra conductor.


Ruslana's father is from the West-Ukrainian place of the Hutsuls; the dwellers of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. They have a unique culture with an ancient and rich history which inspired Ruslana to create her song Wild Dances.

The Wild Dances style is hard to define but it can be called drive-ethno-dance. Powerful and permeating ethnic drums are combined with modern dance beats. Trumpet patterns go together with the

[url=]trembita[/url]s, an ancient Hutsul music instrument.



The song Wild Dances brought Ruslana the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 and entered dozens of European music charts. It was a bright personification of the new style of Ruslana. The English version of the album Dyki Tantsi was released in Europe in autumn 2004: Wild Dances - Welcome to my wild world.



Ruslana is a multicoloured personality with many talents. She is not only a successful singer, dancer, producer and musician, she got also actively involved in political issues. Due to her supporting the democratic processes in Ukraine in late 2004, she became a symbol of the Orange Revolution. From March 2006 to June 2007 she was a member of the Ukrainian Parliament.


[U] Ruslana's social projects:[/U]

Ruslana's social activity is currently concentrated on three fields:

- Support of children from suffering from late effect of the Chernobyl disaster,

- Activity as UNICEF Good Will Ambassador,

- Joint projects with the OSCE combating trafficking in human beings.


[U] Some Awards:[/U]

- Three platinum disks for the Wild Dances album.

- Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.

- People’s artist of Ukraine.

- Golden Disc for the Wild Dances single in Belgium.

- World Best Selling Ukrainian Artist Award at World Music Awards-2004.


[url=]More information about Ruslana>>[/url]

[U]Wild Energy – Ruslana’s current artistic project[/U]

Ruslana's current project is called [u]"Wild Energy"[/u]. However, it would be wrong to think that this is something like the same style again because of the term "wild". It is in fact something completely different. Is a comprehensive project which combines audio-visual art with literature and social commitment.

Here is Ruslana's look for the Wild Energy video clip:



This transformation from a synthetic into a wild Ruslana is an idea of Ukrainian science fiction writers Marina and Sergiy Diachenko, who have received the award of "Best Science Fiction Writers in Europe" in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2005.

The plot of the book Wild Energy.Lana is centered around heroine Lana who lives in a future city. People in this city, including Lana, are synthetics, they need regular plug ins to fill up their life energy – the fuel for people. They are totally dependent on this. Lana wants to break out of this routine and sets out to find the wild energy. The beginning of the transformation …

The whole project is based on the novel and will include an album, singles, videos, a big show, a computer game, a series of comics, and more things not even imaginable. The book was released with two different covers in Ukraine:


Musically the Wild Energy style is a more electronic sound which gives it a futuristic atmosphere.

More pictures of Ruslana’s new look for [u]Wild Energy[/u] video clip:

[url=]Photo 1[/url]

[url=]Photo 2[/url]

[url=]Photo 3[/url]

[url=]Photo 4[/url]

[url=]Photo 5[/url]

[url=]More information >>[/url]