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Hello, everybody! My name is Tanya! I've been liking and listening to Ruslana since 2003! My dream is to meet Ruslana and take a photo with her!

Hello. I'm Rafal and I from Poland. I'm Ruslana fan about 2 weeks, I know Ruslana from the best game GTA 4. She beautiful woman is DJ in Vladivostok FM :). When I heard " Wild Dancres " I want see this singer. When I saw Ruslana and clip video I became her fan :). I try promote Ruslana in my town but it's very hard. I want meet with Ruslana and try make new FAN CLUB in POLAND.

Hi! My name is Ancuta, I'am 13 years old, and I live in Slobozia, Romania. I started to listen Ruslana in May 2007, when I discovered her. In 2004 i was too small and i didn't watch Eurovision. But last year, when i heard "Dances with the wolves", i searched some other songs and then strarted "Ruslanomania"!!!!!!!! Ruslana is now with me everytime: when I'm happy, when I'm sad.......Nobody can create this kind of energy and nobody can control it.......nobody except Ruslana!!!!!!!!!!!! 'cause she's unique, she's the best!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my big drems is to be like her, but i know i can't do this!!!!!!!!, Ruslana, if you read this, you must know that a lot of people loves you and we appreciate you and and all your work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, everybody! My name is Andrey and I've been liking Ruslana's creativity since her Hutsulian project. I'm wild and I don't hide it. I live in Odessa and I'm eager to see Ruslana here. We love you, we are proud of you!

Hello! My name is Nadya Hohlova. I live in Russia. I've been liking Ruslana since Eurovision. I liked Wild Dances very much. Later I started searching for other songs by Ruslana. On different sites I found many interesting things. Songs, videos, photos. And now I'm "falling in love" with her even more and more. I like her songs, video clips, her style! Very energetic and beautiful!

This is my photo:

Thank you for everything