Are you as wild as Ruslana?

Canít imagine your everyday life without extreme and all kinds of sports? Meeting insurmountable challenges is just a joyful entertainment for you? Then you definitely have to share Ruslanaís latest passion ;-)

Soon you can watch reckless and enduring Ruslana as the capitan of the Líviv city team, participating in the most extreme TV project ever Ė BUM (Battle of the Ukrainian Cities, the Ukrainian version of Wipeout) by Inter channel which is currently going on air. Donít miss Ruslana's team's turn. Follow the announcements on our site and BUM official site.

On the official forum of the project you can share your impressions of the battles as well as show your suppport for Ruslana to participate in the next BUM sequel, what she would actually find a big joy to do.

Meanwhile, Ruslana is eager to learn more about the very extreme part of her fansí personalities. Share your impressions about your most wild adventure or deed or show your wild style in general. Send your stories with photo/s to

The winner will be awarded by Ruslana with an exclusive red BUM t-shirt and a Wild Energy medal for the boldest spirit.

Good luck for your adventures!

Deadline for sending contributions is 01.06.2010.