Competition for a poster signed by Ruslana

Combine winter and spring in one artwork devoted to Ruslana and win it!

Create an artwork which covers both cold and warm season with a Ruslana theme, like the Moon of Dreams scenery. But, of course, you're not required to use the Moon of Dreams background. You're limited just by your fantasy.

Accepted are computer artworks and drawings. Deadline for sending contributions is 14.03.10. Be wild!

The competition to invite the spring with Ruslana for a poster signed by Ruslana has its winners! Congratulations to Liza and Marte, but also to everybody who took part, because really a lot of awesome artworks and drawings were submited!

A jury which consisted of Nikoleta, WildYennifer, wild_olchyk, Cora and Jindra (wespe) had a really difficult deciding. We set completely new system for voting than just simple consensus of the majority to be more fair. So every juror was asked to give 7, 6, ... 2 and 1 point to the artworks that the one liked the most.

Liza won the competition with 29 and Marte with 28 points in total. A very big thank to everyone who has taken part!

All the competition contributions

Alex__Angel, Ukraine:

AnnaWmCZ, Czech Republic:

Jek, Ukraine:

Liza, Ukraine:

Winning artwork:

Other artworks:

malkataruslanna, Bulgaria:

Marte, Norway:

Winning artwork:

rainbow, Sweden: