Quick competiton

Dear Wild,

Our RuslanaTube is now decorated with a new skin. There you will also find several small pictures of Ruslana DVDs prepared to be played. As we all know, Ruslana has released five DVDs. But two of them are missing in the picture. Theese DVDs have been released so far:

  • "Wild Energy" and "Wild Dances" videos (order)

  • "Na Rizdvo do L'vivs'kogo" / "Christmas with L'vivs'ke" music film (order)
  • "Rizdvjani Legendy" / "Christmas Legends" music film (order)
  • "Ostannje Rizdvo 90-h" / "The Last Christmas of the 90-ies" music film (order)
  • "Rizdvo z Ruslanoju" / "Christmas With Ruslana" music film (order)

If you can't associate the DVDs with names, use the discography on Ruslana's main site to help you. If the resolution of your screen is too low and you can't see the skin over the channel borders, you can find it here.

Write the titles of the two missing ones to wespe@ss sfanclub.ruslana.ua. The time of sending of the e-mail to be counted. The fastest of you will get theese Ruslana cards:

First correct answer to the question of Quick competition arrived from fan pascha. Congratulations for winning!