Soon it will be exactly five years since the victorious "Wild Dances" awoke and conquered Europe at ESC 2004 in Istanbul.

Let's celebrate that memorable moment by bringing back for a while the wild style which raised Ruslana to the top.

You have the opportunity to show your creativity and make a banner for the Official International Fanclub site in "Wild Dances" or "Wild Dances"&"Wild Energy" style. The banner will be uploaded and stay online for one month since 01.05.09. Don't forget to mention the anniversary we celebrate (5/five).

Deadline for submitting contributions: 30.04.09.

Update: The winner of the latest banner competition is Ankutzik! Congratulations! Her wild banner will be decorating our Fan Club site this month. Many thanks to all who took part! See all contributions:

Axur, Mauritius:

Julia wild, Ukraine:

Ankutzik, Romania: