Ruslana crossword

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1      23
4      5       
6    7 
  8  9                   
  10  111213  14           
21  22                 


  1. The DJ performing with Ruslana
  2. One of Ruslana’s styles characterized by blue colour
  3. Ruslana's beloved mountains
  4. The place where all the Wild live
  5. The first name of Ruslana's husband
  6. An ancient, Carpathian music instrument used during the “Wild Dances” era
  7. Ruslana's dance group
  8. Ruslana's anti-trafficking campaign
  9. One of Ruslana's styles, first presented in Baku in February 2008
  10. The song, based on drums and dance


  1. The name of Ruslana's synthetic character
  2. The moon where Ruslana and T-Pain sing
  3. The “name” of the revolution which Ruslana actively supported
  4. Ruslana's country
  5. The song which Ruslana sings in collaboration with the Russian singer Varvara
  6. The name of Ruslana's official TV
  7. The tube that rules
  8. In which country did the final of ESC 2004 take place?
  9. The name of a radio station in the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV where Ruslana speaks as a DJ
  10. The best singer
  11. The city where Ruslana was born
  12. One of the companies which Ruslana works for
  13. The song with subtitle "extreme dance"
  14. Ruslana's character

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